Hooked? Fishhook Removal Tips that won’t Spoil your Summer Fun

{Shared with permission from Essentia Health press release}

The lakes draw many to live and vacation in our beautiful area. However, a common injury for those who fish or just hang out near docks and boats is becoming “hooked” when the intended catch was a fish.

Fish hook removal

The medical team at Essentia Health recommends removing the fish hook from your finger using the String Yank Technique:

 Remove hook from lure by cutting at attachment ring.

  1. Tape any additional free hooks to prevent the hooks from also getting embedded.
  2. First, wash your hands with soap and water, or disinfecting solution, and then wash the area surrounding the hook.
  3. Tie off a loop with some fishing line. Place the loop over the hook’s shank and lightly pull it against the bend of the hook.
  4. With your other hand, press down and back on the hook’s eye.
  5. Continue pressing down on the hook’s eye. Quickly and firmly jerk the fishing line backward, ensuring that the line is parallel to the shank. Don’t worry; only a tiny bit of skin is behind the barb.
  6. Wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water and apply a bandage.
  7. Watch the area for signs of infection such as redness, swelling, pain, or drainage.

fish hook removal

We do not recommend pushing the hook through your skin and cutting the barb as this introduces another potential wound for infection. Also, do not try to remove a fish hook that is deeply embedded in the skin, lodged within a joint or tendon, or located in or near an eye or artery. If you are at all unsure, it is best to seek medical attention immediately.

Essentia offers four convenient locations for walk-in care 7 days-a-week when the unexpected happens:

Convenient Care located at both the Baxter and Brainerd Cub Foods, respectively located at 417 8th Avenue NE in Brainerd and 14133 Edgewood Drive in Baxter. These locations are open 8am-8pm.

 Urgent Care, located at the Essentia Health Baxter Clinic 13060 Isle Drive in Baxter, is open Monday-Friday 8am-8pm and on weekends from 9am-4pm.

Emergency care is available 24 hours a day at Essentia Health-St. Joseph’s Medical Center, located at 523 North Third Street in Brainerd. Wait times for Convenient Care clinics, Urgent Care, and Emergency Department can be viewed at EssentiaHealth.org.

If fishing is a favorite past time, we recommend your tackle box contain an electrician’s pliers with a wire-cutting blade and disinfecting solution. Additionally, don’t forget to receive a Tetanus immunization every 10 years. If needed, it may be done any time in the 72 hours following the injury.



9 Uber Fun, Colorful and Functional Kitchen Gadgets You Need ASAP

I love colorful trendy things that make my life easier. Especially in the kitchen. I am no Rachael Ray…but I’ve been known to whip up a tasty dish or two in my lifetime (THANK YOU Pinterest).

That being said, I am on a mission to replace much of the ugly, ratty and archaic kitchen utensils that are clogging up my gadget drawer with fun, colorful, efficient and multipurpose items. These goodies will all replace the half-melted, stained and space-hogging stuff that I have been limping along with for far too long. Here’s what’s in my shopping cart on Amazon as we speak:

I’ve been used the same, ratty, huge noodle strainer for as long as I have been married (like freaking forever). It takes up a ton of space in my cupboard, is a pain to use and even bigger pain to wash. THEN, I saw this: The Clip-on kitchen food strainer for spaghetti, pasta, ground beef grease and more.

Kitchen Gadgets

  • 3 PIECE KITCHEN TOOL SET- includes clipon strainer, garlic peeler and basting brush for extra value
  • UNIVERSAL FIT DESIGN- Fits nearly any sized pot, pan, saucepan and bowl
  • USES VERY LITTLE SPACE- Uses much less storage space than traditional strainers, colanders and sieves
  • FINE MESH- allows easy straining and pouring of water and juices from spaghetti pasta, ground beef grease, tuna fish, tomatoes and other foods.
  • EASY & SAFE TO USE- Simply snap on and strain foods; made of food-grade silicone and also dishwasher safe

And it’s under ELEVEN BUCKS!  Grab this space-saving 3 piece set and remember, with Amazon Prime, shipping is FREE.

I love this SO MUCH! I love pickles, but not “pickle fingers” when I need to go speelunking for a pickle with a too-short-fork. The Chef’n FridgeFork Condiment Fork (Arugula and Meringue) to the perfect solutions that clips right to the jar for pete’s sake!

kitchen gadgets

AND…it’s only $6.99…now I love it even more. Grab your Pickle Fork HERE.

KidsFunwares TriceraTACO Taco Holder-I mean…really. What kid wouldn’t love to eat a taco hanging out the butt-end of a Triceratops? Your kids will BEG for Taco Night with this killer Taco Holders!

Embrace your inner Kitty Lover with this Cats Pattern Embossing Rolling Pin,Wooden Laser Engraved Rolling Pin With Cats For Embossed Cookies (10″ x 2″, Style-1)

Cat Rolling Pin

  • Handmade Item
  • Rolling Pin Cylinder Size 7.8″ x 2″. Total length 15.4 inches. Hand wash only
  • Materials: wood, beech, natural, ecological
  • Rolling-pins can be a really housewarming and pretty gift for your friends, kids and your kitchen. So, you can choose any pattern from our shop or propose your own.
  • The wooden rolling pin for making cookies. The dough can be made of salt-, sugar- or ceramic-mass! Use your imagination. (Seller states that other “breeds” are available…how cool is THAT?!)

Summer time means more corn on the cob! So if you are going to get all messy and buttery, might as well look good doing it, right? Check out these colorful Butter Your Corn Set with Jumbo Corn Cob Holders (For 8) and Norpro Butter Spreader

kitchen gadget

  • 4.8 out of 5 stars 33 customer reviews
  • Price: $14.78 Free Shipping for Prime Members
  • Set includes two 4-packs, assorted colors Chef Craft Jumbo Corn Holders and one Norpro 5400 Butter Spreader
  • Corn Holders have interlocking stainless steel pins that are safely concealed when not in use.
  • The colored handles are soft grip, ergonomic and easy to hold.
  • Butter Spreader is BPA-Free! and measures: 3″ by 1-3/4″ by 1-3/4″
  • Dishwasher safe and comes with a cap to seal and store butter without having to remove the stick

Grab a set HERE (FREE shipping if you are a Prime Member!)

I have arthritis in BOTH thumbs. Crazy, right? It’s also a pain (literally) to do simple things like scoop ice cream. BUT, I discovered this super-cool ergonomic ice cream scoop that uses the heat of your own body to make cutting through cold ice cream a BREEZE. The Ice Cream Scoop with Modern Heat-Conducting Aluminum Ergonomic Handle (Purple) also NEVER CORRODES and is made of SOLID ALUMINUM coated in a durable purple enamel that will last a lifetime. #winning

ergonomic ice cream scoop


Another thing that really bugs my sore thumbs is can openers. Since I loathe electric can openers (their ugly and they take up precious counter space) I’ve been on the hunt for one that do the job w/o torturing my poor thumbs. I think I found my True CanOpener Love with this ZYLISS Lock N’ Lift Can Opener with Lid Lifter!

kitchen gadgets

  • Designed for Comfort and Efficiency
  • Comfortable, soft touch grip and handle eliminate hand fatigue, great for arthritis
  • Locking mechanism to safely open cans of all sizes.
  • Smooth turning, stainless-steel cutting mechanism opens cans in seconds
  • Magnet lifts lid off can and lever releases lid for easy disposal.
  • 5 Year Zyliss Guarantee

AND…since I was told that opening bottle tops with my teeth is unacceptable (and un-ladylike) I am scoring one of these bad boys too.  The Jar Opener –Mlife”Easy Open” Bottle and Jar Opener, Arthritis Jar Opener, Helps Tired or Wet Hands, Arthritic Weakness, Stubborn Jar Tops. Yeah, baby.

  • THE ULTIMATE JAR OPENER. Effortless – Simply Clamp with Opener and Twist. It’s Easy to Open! Jar opener for seniors.
  • OPEN DIFFICULT JARS – Eight sizes of circular openings provide a secure grip for a wider variety of containers than metal tools. Rubber sidings grips tight to slippery surfaces, and it’s lever action gives anyone the strength to open any lid with our jar grippers.
  • LARGER RINGS THAN MOST. Compare to other similar jar openers, the rings are able to open slightly larger bottles.
  • FOUR SIZES OF RINGS TO FIT A VARIETY OF JARS AND BOTTLES. From soda pop bottle tops to small pickle jars or medium mayo even family size peanut butter jars. (Does not open large Mason jars.)
  • SIMPLE TO USE. Easy hold, non-slip, ergonomic handle. It can be so hard to open the lid of a jar. Whether it’s just a hard-to-open jar or tired hands, arthritic hands, weakness caused by any myriad of reasons, this “Easy Open” Bottle and Jar Opener is the solution!

This piece is neither cute or trendy but Oh Momma it is EFFICIENT! The Chef Remi Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears/Multi-Purpose Utility Scissors for Chicken, Poultry, Fish, Meat, Vegetables, Herbs, and BBQ’s is a “must have” for any kitchen. Struggling diced bacon? Screw that! CUT IT! Tired of pulling out the cutting board and hunting for a sharp knife just to chop chicken? Forget Mamasaurus…CUT IT!

kitchen shears

  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE – The Chef Remi Multifunction Kitchen Shears comes with a 100% Money Back Lifetime Guarantee. You won’t get this lifetime guarantee from other big brands. Try It RISK FREE Today!
  • MULTIFUNCTION KITCHEN SHEARS. Heavy duty for easy cutting of meat, poultry, vegetables, trimming fat etc. No need for a knife and board.
  • HIGH QUALITY CORROSION RESISTANT. Sharp stainless steel blades with micro-serrated edge for slip proof cutting. Makes food prep a ‘snip’!
  • BUILT IN BOTTLE OPENER. Serrated section in easy grip handle for opening tough sealed bottles or even cracking nuts! Plus ‘pop top’ bottle opener in the blade for fast & easy opening of bottles and jars
  • COMFORTABLE EASY GRIP HANDLES. Great grip for both right and left-handed chefs, these comfortable and super sharp scissors will make food preparation easier and faster

It also says it comes in “frustration-free packaging”…now wouldn’t THAT be nice. Grab your shear here and don’t forget, with Amazon Prime shipping is FREE.

**Some of these links are affiliate links. That means if you click and buy, I may get a very small commission at no extra cost to you.
This money goes towards the operating costs of this site so we can continue to bring ideas, tips and reviews to our readers!


Tell Fat to Fork Off-The Many Health Benefits Of Going For A Walk

Tell Fat to Fork Off

There are a lot of good reasons to go for a walk. It’s fun, it’s relaxing, and most important it’s good for your health. But what exactly are the health benefits of walking? I hope this article convinces you that heading out for a walk each day is a great idea and that it motivates you to stick to your walking schedule until you start to see results.

Walking Gets You Outside In The Fresh Air and Sunshine

No matter how fast or slow you walk, walking gets you outside and in the fresh air. This alone will make you feel better as your body absorbs the oxygen and sunshine. Both are important for your health and well-being.

You will find the air quality outside, particularly if you go for a walk on the beach or in a park, will be much better than the air inside your house. Of course, the sunshine outside will help your body product all the Vitamin D it needs.

Walking Can Help You Get To And Maintain A Healthy Weight

Walking particularly at a quick pace and doing it regularly can help you get to and then maintain a healthy weight. Yes, you still need to watch what you eat and aim for a healthy diet, but walking can be another tool to help you drop those extra pounds.

The nice thing about walking when you’re overweight is that you burn a lot of calories, even on short and slow walks, simply because you’re carrying so much weight around with you. As you start to lose the weight, your overall strength and endurance increases, allowing you to walk longer, further, and faster.

Walking Improves Your Sense Of Balance And Coordination

As you walk, particularly when walking over rougher terrain, you’re also working on your sense of balance and coordination. Just getting in the habit of going for a daily walk will help. But you can work even more on your sense of balance by moving your head around. Turn your head to the right and left as you walk for a count of 30. Then move your head up and down for a count of 30. If you do these simple exercises once or twice as you walk each day you’ll get even more benefit.

Walking Strengthens Your Bones and Muscles

Even though walking is a low impact form of exercise it helps to strengthen and tone your body. If you’re just starting out, it is all you need to start to get into better shape. As you get more fit, consider adding weight lifting exercises in addition to your daily walks to continue to get stronger and help develop strong muscles and bones.

Walking Will Boost Your Mood and Fight Depression

Feeling restless, sad or angry? A brisk walk in nature is an excellent way to keep the blues at bay. The fresh air combined with blood-pumping movement is the prefect way to clear cloudy brains and raise spirits.



Brainerd Lakes Bicycle Safety Clinic and Pequot Lakes PTA Bike Rodeo May 20

{Shared with permission from Essentia Health of Brainerd press release}

Bike Rodeo

Children and their parents are invited to attend one of the two local Bike events on Saturday, May 20. Both events are open to riders of all ages free of charge.

Brainerd Lakes Bicycle Safety Clinic from 10:00 a.m.–Noon at the Brainerd High School’s lower parking lot, in the event of inclement weather in the Brainerd High School gym; or Pequot Lakes PTA Bike Rodeo from 9:00 a.m.-Noon at Eagle View Elementary. Don’t forget to bring your bike and helmet!

Bicycling is a favorite past time for all ages, but understanding safety first is the key to staying safe and having fun! Children and their bike will visit various stations for a review of bicycle safety rules, a bicycle safety check, and be checked for a properly fitted helmet. Then they will put the knowledge they gained to the test by riding a mock course. Once complete, they can enter a drawing for a bike, and other treats.

If a child does not have a bike helmet or the one they have does not fit properly, they will receive one from Essentia Health. “We are excited to bring these events to our communities,” said Heather Nixon, Trauma Coordinator at Essentia Health-St. Joseph’s Medical Center. “Learning bicycling safety at a young age will stick with someone for life, just like riding a bike.”

Events will be held rain or shine and are brought to you by: Pequot Lakes PTA, Essentia Health, Crow Wing County Passenger Safety Coalition, Baxter Police Department, Brainerd Police Department, Brainerd Parks & Recreation, Brainerd School District 181, Easy Riders Bicycle and Sport Shop, Lakes Area Law Enforcement Association (LALEA), Lifecycle, and Dairy Queen.

“These Bike Safety Clinics are an opportunity for us to provide the community with injury prevention,” said Nixon. “It’s a way to actively engage kids and inform them of some of the things that they can do to prevent injuries while riding a bike.”


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