Local Author, Pediatric Speech Therapist, & Newest Mom-Squader!

Who knew there was an author among us? And the author of a unique and wonderful book to boot. The second I met author Teri Kaminski Peterson I thought WOW..she has more energy in her little finger than I have in my whole body! Then I saw her book and, not to sound like a complete cheeseball, but my heart sang.

Bright, cheerful, and BIG, this book just cries “read it to me Mom”! This delightfully illustrated and written book is designed for more than “read to me Mom”, it is meant to be interactive adventure. A book to help parents with the challenges of keeping their child seated and attentive during story time.

The Big Book of Exclamations is an educational children’s book designed to promote speech sound development, and imitation of gestures, sounds, and words. Unlike most books, it doesn’t have a story to read. Instead, along the bottom of each page, there are prompts which teach parents/caregivers how to act out the illustrations and interact with children using gestures, sounds, and words. This twenty-four page book is also filled with information intended to help parents understand speech and language development, and also provides resources for those seeking advice.

And it’s stinkin cute to boot.

Excerpt from the Wake Up-Good Morning page:Knock on the door, “knock knock.” Then wave and greet the characters, (wave and greet your child too!). Point to all the objects and animals as you name them and make their sounds. Pretend to steer a car and honk the horn. Notice the dripping cup, “uh-oh!” Then pretend to wipe up the mess. Spread your arms and fly like an airplane and pretend to beat on the drum, (drum on your child’s leg too!). Shake your finger at the puppy, “no no,” “let go.” Reach for the ball and pretend to throw it. Try and find even more fun things to say and do!

My 4 year old adores this book and I’m thrilled it keeps her little busy-butt mesmerized until the last page. Teri is our newest Mom Squader and we are pretty darn stoked to be able to share her book with you. You can find and buy your copy of this rockin book at her website http://thebigbookofexclamations.com/or at local locations like Book World. A good read at a very reasonable price!

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The Uber-Fab Ladies of Edition 3!

Here it is! The moment you have been waiting for (and us too). The final roster of all the rockin businesses/Momprenuers of Lakes Area Mom Squad Edition 3:

Arbonne– Marilyn Kraemer 218-232-5006
Avon-Sandy Strom 218-838-7006
Brainerd Floral 218-829-3333
Creative Memories- Rose Feriancek 218-851-4057
Candy Bouquet-Pennie Edberg 831-3813
Dezigns 4U-Becky Stock Custom Invitations and Cards 218-330-1607
Discover Toys-Becky Thuringer 218-831-3298 www.discoverytoyslink.com/becky
Habitat For Humanity ReStore 218-454-8517
Innovative Assistance-Lacy Johnson 218-330-3101 (Virtual Office Assistant services)
Jewel’s Specialty Food Market 218-825-9225
Lakes Area Mom Squad (I hear they are total weirdos 218-839-8279)
Lynn Lowe-Personal Image Consultant 218-831-5506
Mattie & Me Consignment Boutique 218-829-2426
Market America Health, Beauty & Wellness-Pam Boehmer 612-597-0677
North Central Medical Supply-218-825-7331
Pampered Chef-Jackie Churack 218-828-8017
Saraboo Travel Activity Bags for Kids 839-8279
Scentsy-Pete Lowe 218-831-4210
Shaklee Independent Distributor-Mabel Semler 218-546-6523
Sheer Bella hair Salon- Michelle Rodahl 218-330-3364
Silpada Designs-Alecia Bucksa 218-825-8477
Spirit Horse Center-Brainerd www.spirithorsecenterinc.com
Spirit Spas & Cabana Hair Salon 218-824-7727
Tastefully Simple- Shannon Janco 218-821-1242
The Kitchen Place-Baxter 218-454-0720
The Office Shop-Brainerd 218-828-9000
Totally Kidz-Downtown Brainerd 218-824-0006
Unique Keepsakes-Westgate Mall-Christine & Leo Desmond
Women of Today-Becky Stock becky@rangeprinting.com
Teri Kaminski-Peterson-The Big Book of Exclamations (www.thebigbookofexclamations.com

That’s it! Now for get yourself a coupon pack and take advantage of all the great coupons these business have to offer! Packs are available at these Discover Rack locations:
The Lodge at Brainerd Lakes
The Civic Center
The Hallet Community Cnter-Crosby
The Westgate Mall
Rafferty’s Nisswa
Petro Plus-Pillager

The Office Shop
Mattie & Me
Totally Kidz
Unique Keepsakes
Anderson Cleaners
The Kitchen Place
Jewel’s Specialty Foods.
and more to be announced

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Stuffing Party!

Holy Mudball Batman! Thatsa lotsa coupons!
Our stuffing party for our Editon 3 of our Lakes Area Mom Squad coupon packs went super well. Thanks to First Lutheran Church for letting us use their Upper Room. It was very appreciated.
And a big gi-normous THANK YOU to Mom Squaders Jackie C (Pampered Chef), Pam B (Market America), Rose F (Creative Memories), Shannon J (Tastefully Simple), & the ever-annoying ME (Saraboo Travel Activity Bags For Kids) for pitching in like troopers and tackling this monumental task. The always lovely Shannon was camera shy and wouldn’t let me take her picture. Stinker. 🙂 You ladies ROCK.
Promptly at noon, Tim Kidder from Discover racks swooped in and the Coupon Pack hand-off was made! You should see our crammed-full-o-deals packs by Wednesday at these locations:
1. The Westgate Mall
2. The Hallet Community Cntr-Crosby
3. The Lodge at Brainerd Lakes-Baxter
4. Central Lakes College-Brainerd
5. Petro Plus-Pillager
6. Rafferty’s of Nisswa
7. The Civic Center-Brainerd.
To say we are excited and proud is an understatement!

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Our Weirdness Revealed!

Ever wonder exactly who ARE the “Crazy Chicks Of Lakes Area Mom Squad”???

Wonder no more!

Check out our newly added “about us” profile on http://www.lakesareamomsquad.com. (click on the “Crazy Chicks of Mom Squad tab on the right)

Just so you know…Kristen is a hardcore Sesame Street fan….. and cough medicine gives me gas.

Who knew?

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