I Know This Project is Your Baby….

Yesterday, thanks to Anita @ Quality Enterprises, we shipped the remainder of our un-stuffed Mom Squad Coupon Packs off to be completed.

It was hard. Did I mention I am a control freak?

Ask anyone. They will confirm it.

We are used to plowing through this part of the project ourselves. Even if it takes handfuls of peeps and weeks to complete.

BUT, I am comforted by the fact I know they are in good hands. I know Anita understands the process and her crew is dedicated to quality like we are.

Much ado about a bunch of silly coups and envelopes?


Right before she drove away, Anita smiled and patted my arm. “It’ll be OK“, she said. “I know this project is your baby.”


I can hardly wait for my “baby” to get back. Passing out these hot pink and bright yellow envelopes-full-o-deals is one of my fav activities.

Oh yeah! On a brighter note, you WILL be seeing these bright envelopes everywhere! Opportunities to distribute these are popping up like popcorn! Along with our Discover Rack locations, usual spots, through participants and businesses, you will find these at the MOMS Garage Sale at Lord of Life Church May 15th, and during the Downtown Brainerd Women’s Walkabout event may 6th. Booyah!

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for more updates. And it would make us deliriously happy if you were to subscribe to our shiny little blog (it’s the funky square on the left). Keep smilin, keep your dollars local, and dance like no one’s watchin.

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Coupon Stuffing Mania

We came, we saw, we stuffed….

..we ate wwwaaayyyy too many Sunchips (verp!)

BUT, it was fun and it was a success!

Whatchu talkin about Willis?

Well my friends, our dandy-deal-packer-uber-hip Lakes Area Mom Squad Coupon Packs don’t just create themselves! Once all participants have turned in their coupons, we gather and slowly but surely stack, stuff, and seal.

Takes forever? Pretty close. But it’s such a cool way to connect and get to know each other it just can’t be beat!

A BIG THANKS to Sandy Strom @ Avon youravon.com/sstrom, Brenda@Pathways to Harmony (brenda-w.younglivingworld.com )Julie@ brainerdcrafts.com, and Estelle @The Shake Stop for pitching in to help.

Watch for our bright hot pink or bright yellow coupon packs to appear at these Discover Rack locations soon. Oh.. when you see them, GRAB ONE!! There are 31 different ways to save from Lakes Area businesses inside.
The Westgate Mall
Rafferty’s Pizza-Nisswa
The Hallet Community Cntr
Boardwalk Bread and Bagel
The Lodge at Brainerd Lakes
Petro Plus of Pillager

Brainerd Crafts
U-trinkets-Nisswa Square
The Office Shop
Mattie & Me
Totally Kidz
Anderson Cleaners

AND…they will be in the goodie bags during the upcoming May 6th Downtown Brainerd Women’s Walk-about!! WHOOT!

More fun and details to come! If you’d like to keep up with the deals, news, profiles, and upcoming giveaways feel free to subscribe to our blog. We won’t use your email for evil. Promise. It’s the dandy little button over there on the left.
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TommieMedia – Students team up with Special Olympics for movement

As many of you know, I (Becky-head marketing and advertising spaz for Mom Squad) wear many hats. The main one is “the office products chick” at The Office Shop of Downtown Brainerd and Downtown Aitkin. Scott and Jodie Johnson have been my beloved employers for over 12 years now (poor buggers. They both need an award for putting up with me that long). As a business owners, they rock. As a family they have endured many hardships and challenges, but have been rewarded with two pretty phenomenal kids, Zach and Kari Jo. The following is an except from an interview done with college student Kari Jo and the subject and getting rid of the “r-word”. Please take a moment to read this. It’s important.

“Senior Kari Jo Johnson said when she hears the word “retarded,” “It kills me … It’s like the absolute sharpest knife that punches you in the gut and makes you lose your breath.” Johnson’s younger brother, Zach, is 18 and has Down syndrome..” click here to read more
TommieMedia – Students team up with Special Olympics for movement

Life Moves Fast: Subscribe So You Don’t Miss Any Juicy Stuff http://feeds.feedburner.com/blogspot/mGYr

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