Pics from December Holiday Stop & Shop Show!

Happy Holidays! Mom Squaders!

Kristen and I had the opportunity in December to do a fun Expo at The Holiday Inn Express. Thanks to the lovely Shannon Janco from Tastefully Simple, who orchestrated this great show. You go girl! Here’s some pics of our table (cuz..well..we are just a little proud of it!). We had a great day of telling people about Lakes Area Mom Squad, our beloved boogie wipes , products and info from our Goldfish fishful thinking Ambassador Mom campaign, and encouraging people to sign up for not one, but TWO Gi-normous Baskets-O-Goodies (courtesy of Mom Squad participants). I met some pretty darn cool ladies that day as well. It was a good day and great P.R for LAMS and all the great businesses of Lakes Area Mom Squad. Look for our booth at upcoming shows this spring.

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Cuz This Is How We Roll…

Welcome to our blog! For those of you that are unfamiliar with the world of blogging, hang on to your bloomers because it is an exceptionally cool and fun world to be a part of. Kristen and myself have decided to do this blog as part of our already existing website . Mainly because we wanted something more interactive and ever-changing. Ooooohhhh…the kick-butt things we have planned for our little blog!!!! 🙂

First, a bit about LAMS. Lakes Area Mom Squad is a “Marketing Project” that taps into Mom-owned or Mom friendly businesses, brings them together, and creates a network of like-minded Momprenuers. Together, we pool our talents, resources, marketing dollars, and desire to grow our businesses through the distribution of free-to-the-public coupon packs. Interested? Rock on. Click HERE for more details on the actual LAMS Coupon Pack project.

And the cherry on the ice cream cake would be, we will be doing this on a strictly local level. We want to shine a big ‘ol spotlight on businesses of all sizes and encourage local residents and visitors to keep their dollars in our Brainerd Lakes community. Both Kristen and I are big advocates of “Buy Local” and firmly believe in putting “your money where your house is”. There are so many fab people and super-cool businesses in our community. Let’s tap into the “Power of Mommy”.

Stay tuned. More good stuff to come!

Life Moves Fast: Subscribe So You Don’t Miss Any Juicy Stuff

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