Brainerd Lakes Area Birthday Party Ideas


Brainerd Birthday Party Ideas

(This page is still under construction. I am still researching and adding new pieces of this puzzle weekly. Thanks for your patience!

I am always on the look-out for fun fresh ideas for Brainerd Lakes Area kid-friendly B-Day parties ideas.

Year Around:

Movie Theater: Local movie theater Lakes 12 has a very nice party room. For our son’s 10th birthday he thought it would be fun to have a few buddies come with to see a movie, then use the party room for pizza and cake. The downside to this is that you don’t know what movies are coming until about a week before. THEN, there’s no guarantees there will be a “kid-appropriate” one playing.


  • CONTAINMENT-Children sitting quietly in one spot for 2 hours. Need I say more?


  • Hard to plan. Movies don’t reveal until a few days before the weekend.
  • Could get spendy with a more than 5 kids (tickets, popcorn, beverages)


Jack’s House Bowling: This is an absolute family favorite. Our kids have each had 2 parties each at Jacks House and attended countless others. Jack’s House makes it soooo easy for parents with their Birthday Party Package. This package contains bowling for 10 kids, two large one-topping pizzas, party favors, game tokens, and 2 pitchers of pop. They also supply party-themed plates, napkins and cups. Basically parents just need to show up with a cake and gifts. How sweet is THAT?

Glaze and Amaze: Kevin & Trista Matthews run a wonderful creative pottery business. They are also have Birthday Day Party packages along with their Group Rates and Ladies Night activities. Read more details HERE.

Primo Art Spa: Sock Puppet Parties! (they also host adult events that include music, food, art, and connecting.)

Play-n-Trade Video game party: This sounds very cool and I would certainly consider this for our son. Play N Trade on Elder Drive is Baxter offers a very nice Video Game Party for up to 10 kids. With this $150 package, this is what you can expect:

  • Birthday kid gets a $20 gift card for Play-N-Trade
  • Pizza
  • “SwagBag” filled with trinkets and treasures (tattoos, candy)
  • 1 designated staff person to help
  • 2 hours of play on any game in the store


  • Super nice people. Contact Tina for details and other rates- 454-7529
  • Appropriate for ages 7-15 (all games with be age appropriate)
  • Supervised
  • Costumed Mario character can come out to visit


  • Would be an issue for families who’d rather not get into kids and video games.
  • May have to bring own party supplies (plates, etc)

Jump City Baxter (formerly 3-2-1 Bounce):  Located in the Fitquest Building, this huge indoor Bounce Park can accommodate birthday parties, family gatherings, church group, special events and parents who simply need a place to bring their kids for some fun.

“The staff was friendly and inviting. There were different bouncy houses and obstacles to try out. Having a gated play area for 1-3 year olds will be nice as well.”

Indoor bounce park

Pros: Great place for kids to go and blow off steam. Parents have place to sit and relax while also keeping an eye on their Littles

Cons: B-day parties there can get pricey if you use their food and beverages. Last time we were there for a birthday party (2015) it was not a pleasant experience BUT with new owners, it’s our hope that things will be run more smoothly.

The Great Lakes Escape is the first live-play escape room in the Brainerd Lakes area!

The Great Escape

You and up to 7 others will enter a fully themed room to solve your challenge… in 60 minutes.  Collect clues, find hidden objects, solve puzzles, and most importantly, work together as a team to succeed!  If you’re ready for a challenge and looking for something to do that is out of the ordinary, then this is for you.


Laser Tag at Brainerd Holiday Inn Express!

New! Multi-level Laser Tag brings a whole new experience to the Brainerd Lakes Area. Engage in an active, family-friendly challenge where teamwork is the key to victory!

Laser tag in Brainerd

Brainerd Laser Tag RATES & HOURS

$8/24 points

Thursday from 4pm – 9pm
Friday from 4pm – 11pm
Saturday from Noon – 11pm
Sunday from Noon – 9pm

Unlimited Laser Tag available Friday from 4pm – 10pm and Sunday from 3pm – 9pm
$14.99 per person
$21.99 with waterpark

 Go HERE for FUNTAG PARTY and Splash-n-Tag Rates

Water Fun:

Other Water Park Options:

Summer Only:

Pine Grove Zoo (Little Falls) Mid-April thru Mid-October (10:00-3:00 p.m)

  • “Wild” Birthday Parties are $80 for 10 people and include:
  • Free zoo admission for 10 people
  • A growly greeting from the birthday tiger
  • A birthday greeting over loudspeaker
  • Free stable pellets for petting zoo
  • A picture with the birthday tiger
  • An animal craft project for all participants
  • (**Private room available for $30)



Balloons and Balloon Centerpieces

Photography: Capture those birthday moments Deb Mitzel Photography! Deb is offering a variety of services and specials for Mom Squad readers to capture their event moments. Connect with her for the full scoop. 

Donuts: The Center, Cub Foods or Tim Horton’s in Brainerd

Party Cupcakes {need names-who do you know that does this?}

Custom Birthday Cakes {{need names-who do you know that does this?}

Cake Pops {need names-who do you know that does this?}

Ice Cream: Cold Stone Creamery or Culver’s in Baxter or The Chocolate Ox or Lake Country Crafts and Cones in Crosslake

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