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Spread the Word To End the Word. Take the "No more R-Word" Pledge!

Zach is 18 and has Down Syndrome. He is also the son of my employers Scott and Jodie Johnson of Aitkin. Every time I watch this, I tear up. I really, really tip my hat to college student Kari Jo for being such an amazing sister to Zach, and for have the determination to launch this campaign. Miss Kari Jo Johnson, you are pretty darn fabulous..just like your parents.

Please take a minute to click the below link and watch this video.

I took the “No More R-Word” pledge. Will you?

Spread the Word, To End The Word. No More “R-Word”!

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TommieMedia – Students team up with Special Olympics for movement

As many of you know, I (Becky-head marketing and advertising spaz for Mom Squad) wear many hats. The main one is “the office products chick” at The Office Shop of Downtown Brainerd and Downtown Aitkin. Scott and Jodie Johnson have been my beloved employers for over 12 years now (poor buggers. They both need an award for putting up with me that long). As a business owners, they rock. As a family they have endured many hardships and challenges, but have been rewarded with two pretty phenomenal kids, Zach and Kari Jo. The following is an except from an interview done with college student Kari Jo and the subject and getting rid of the “r-word”. Please take a moment to read this. It’s important.

“Senior Kari Jo Johnson said when she hears the word “retarded,” “It kills me … It’s like the absolute sharpest knife that punches you in the gut and makes you lose your breath.” Johnson’s younger brother, Zach, is 18 and has Down syndrome..” click here to read more
TommieMedia – Students team up with Special Olympics for movement

Life Moves Fast: Subscribe So You Don’t Miss Any Juicy Stuff

And The Winners Are!

WE DID IT! The Crazy Gals at Lakes Area Mom Squad pulled off our FIRST Facebook/Blog Giveaway! Fun,fun FUN.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our “What’s YOUR Resolution?” contest and we hope to do more giveaways soon. So keep your eyeballs on us. (Or better yet, subscribe via email so you will ALWAYS know what we are up to!! Look for “subscribe” on the left side)

Two of our loyal peeps will be winners of a autographed copy of our buddy Shannon Medisky’s Complete Idiots Guide to Stretching Your Dollars book! Shannon was kind enough to include a special letter and an extra treat for each winner. Be sure and check out Shannon’s extremely useful website called

I think we could all use a little help in the money-saving-expense-cutting department these days.

NOW..I’ll stop blatherin and announce our winners…are ya ready? (drum roll please).

Our winner are Jackie Churack and Megan Gosiak, both of Brainerd. WooHoo! Thanks for your support you two. We’d also like to give a special gift to the wonderful Christine Desmond for being the only one ballsey enough to comment right here on the blog. Good job Christine! Lead the way, girlfriend!

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