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If Wishes Were Fishes, I’d Have A Pond Full

Not too long ago, my kids decided to make a wish on a star on one particularly clear starry night.

It was cute to listen to my son’s “I wish for a dog(which would mark the 180,000th time we’ve heard that. And that’s just in the last 6 months) and our 5 year old daughter’s wish “to walk on a rainbow.”

Wouldn’t it be cool if it was really that simple?

I think as Mommy’s, we all have huge hopes, dreams, ambitions and desires…but not always enough energy to get our butts up outta bed in the morning. The desire is there. The drive? Not-so-much.

Or we just plain wish for things that would make our children’s world a better place. And we have no idea how to achieve it.

So right now, even though I should be doing SOMETHING with the filthy abyss that is my house, or even NOT doing something (it’s Sunday. It’s the “day of rest” for pete’s sake) I want to get my list off my chest.
1. I wish they’d invent a machine or device for rapists, wife beaters, and pedophiles that would re-program them and stop their destructive ways. Or send them to an island by themselves.

2. I wish they made an oven that flushes so I don’t have to clean mine anymore. (who am I kidding, I NEVER clean my oven anyway)

3. I wish I could spend days-on-end learning, reading, researching, writing, creating, blogging, teaching, dreaming and sharing…with an occasional nap thrown in. DAYS I’m telling you..days.

4. I wish I had the time to take my knowledge of ebaying, frugality, organizing, selling, parenting, blogging, & social media and spin it into something that I could use to share and teach, all while making enough $$$ to support my family. Angel Investor anyone?

5. I wish my butt wasn’t two-ax-handles wide. And that Rubbermaid tub of gorgeous size 14 clothes in the basement fit me. Wow. How’s that for raw? 🙁
 6. I wish there was no such thing as child neglect and abuse. Do these people not know of what a precious gift they have in a child?

7. I wish I had the super power of being invisible, so I could kick the crap out of said child abusers and neglectors….and not get arrested for it.

8. I wish someone would come in my house RIGHT NOW, and massage my neck, rid me of my migraine, and rub my feet for good measure…..all for free.

9..I wish I knew of a way I could speak in front of large groups of people…without nearly soiling myself from nervousness.

10. I wish babies/kids DID come with an instruction manual. Or at least a complimentary month with Super Nanny. Then I would not have to use the phrase “Epic Parent Fail” quite so often.

11. I wish men could walk in our shoes for and experience a menstrual cramp. OK, maybe three days. They really should be able to get the full effect of that lovely Monthly Gift from Aunt Flo.

So what do YOU wish for???

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Dinosaurs In The Sink & Other Things This Mommy is Grateful For.

I came across this story I wrote over two years ago (July of 2008, to be exact) and to this day it’s one of my favorite posts I’ve written. I thought a little “blast from the past” would be fun today. Enjoy 🙂

p.s Sunday Spotlight will resume next Sunday and I have an awesome Mom-In-Business interview to share with you!

Something happens to us humans when we become parents. Our world becomes narrow and completely focused on our squirmy pink bundles of joy. It doesn’t change much as they grow either. Everything they do is exquisite..monumental…. the coolest thing we’ve ever seen. As parents, we have so many things to be grateful for…but sometimes it’s hard to remember that when your 2-year old defies keeping her clothes on, and your five-year old mouths off for the 567th time that day.

There was a dark and sad time in our life when being a parent seemed to be out of reach. After years of trying, our dreams came true and we were blessed with a child. That seven year wait has (I think) taken our gratitude to a new level. I always try to look on the bright side of life, even during the difficult times. Parenting is no different. There will be ups. There will be downs. There will be times that all you want is five minutes with someone NOT saying your name. When those moments/days hit, I remind myself, this too shall pass..and these are the things I am grateful for: for:

1. The honor of frantically racking my brain at 5 a.m….trying to think of something we have in the house that starts with “Q” that our son can take to show-n-tell that day.

2. That car seat seat belt strap that never seems loose enough, and has enough twists in it to double as phone cord, may make me mutter under my breath…but at least I have a kid to put in that car seat.

3. As the baby wakes up for the third time in one night, I remind myself I would gladly go without sleep for the rest of my life as long as I never have to feel the empty ache of childlessness again.

4. As I face-plant on the living room floor in the middle of the night, I remind myself how empty my house would be without that plastic Stegosaurus I just busted my foot on.

5. As we rewind Elmo In Grouchland for the 16th time that day, I remind myself there is nothing good on TV anyway, and these days of snuggling on the couch with our toddler while watching a furry red monster will too soon be gone.

6. As my four-year old hangs on me, whines and basically becomes my third leg, I try remember that, though she wants and NEEDS my attention me now, there will come a day when she will be too cool to even give Mom and Dad the time of day.

7. Even though part of me silently groans at the price of Pull-ups and kids shoes, I am just grateful I have little butts and feet to put in them.

8. In ancient B.C. times (Before Children) getting 8 hours of sleep was a priority and I would go to great lengths to make sure I got it. Now, I will gladly forgo sleep completely just to make sure my child’s fever stays in check in the middle of the night. Tomorrow is a new day and another chance to get a better night’s sleep.

9. I quietly cuss under my breath every time I take one of my children to the Doctor and wait in the waiting room for 45 minutes, only to be told; “it’s only a virus. It just needs to run it’s course”. But at the same time I silently say a big “THANK YOU” that it isn’t a diagnosis that involves a specialist, biopsy, or surgeon.

What are you grateful for?

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Are You Feeling Like "Rubber Band Woman?"

Ever have those days where you feel like you’re being pulled in 8 different directions? You are juggling wwaayyyy may balls, and you are one ball-drop away from disaster? Days when you have so many directions to go, you kinda end up being like a cat on ice?

Personally, when the days of feeling like that started stretching into WEEKS…or worse yet, MONTHS, I knew it was time to make a change. But what to do and wheretheheckdo I START? I lamented this quandary to the ever-wise Miss Shannon, and this was her suggestion. It was so flippin good, I decided to share it with everyone:

A suggestion – make a list of all of the activities you are in involved in both professionally and personally. Rate them favorite to least favorite. Review them and identify those that give you the least fulfillment or the opportunity to open new doors to growth. Look at the time commitment of the three that you have identified as least fulfilling or with the least potential. Usually these are the things that you started doing years ago because, at that time they were your favorites. or had the most potential. Now you are just continuing to do them because you can’t say “WHEN”! Eliminate just one of the three and DO NOT replace it with something else. After three months without that commitment, eliminate another. Make an effort to eliminate one per quarter. Use that time to do something positive like read or exercise (did you know playing outside with your kids is a workout – why not do both at one time!). When people approach you with new opportunities, simply thank them for thinking of you, and tell them that at this time you cannot commit to any new projects.  And of course, don’t be taken advantage of – often we want to be “nice” and “help” but think about what service you are providing – would others provide it for free? They are asking you because you are good at it, because you know what you’re doing, because they know you will get it done. Commit time to yourself and family not another project that will get you nowhere.

-Shannon Janco

BRAVO. This is no b.s. people. I did do this exercise and it was pretty eye-opening. Very quickly I identified some time and energy suckers and am striving to eliminate them. Even “loose ends” can weigh you down mentally and cause anxiety. There are only so many hours in the day, and time lost can’t be regained back.

 SO, my question to you is, what activities are slowing you down on your road to success????

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Preparing for 2011: Make a Date With Yourself

I like the idea of brand Spankin, Shiny, Fresh, new years.

The chance to wipe the slate clean (kinda), take a deep breath, and opportunity to give all the yucky things of the preceding year The Big Middle Finger.

Sound negative?

Maybe a little. But to me it’s the mindfulness to learn, grow, and not be bogged down by any Not-So-Great-Events of 2010. Oh heavens YES, there were many fabulous victories and accomplishments of 2010. MANY. But let’s face it, we’re women. We sometimes let things like The Day Toilet Paper Got Stuck On My Shoe And I Wore It That Way for 6 Hours define us.

I acknowledge the time I drove to my Networking Group half asleep at 7:00 a.m, only to (as I pulled into the parking lot) hear a tiny voice from the back seat say “Mommy…why are we HERE?”


Move on from it old Mommy. Learn..and MOVE ON. Take that memory and flush it down the 2010 crapper.

So what do you do about the New Year? Honestly, it should be more of a ceremony than just picking out a new Puppy-O-The-Month Calendar. In these days leading up to 2011, I encourage your to PREPARE for the New Year. Think about it. Really think about what you want to achieve in 2011.

” The Mind Moves Towards What It Most Desires.”

I found this on The Integrative Nutrition Blog. Not what I expected to find on a healthy and wellness blog, but pretty friggin awesome nonetheless:

Make a date with yourself. Sometimes it feels like everyone wants a piece of you! That’s why it is so important to carve out some you-time. Go to a comfy café, curl up on your couch, or drive to a beautiful place. The point is to get away from the distractions, and declare that this is “me time.”

Reflect and write. Whether you keep a journal or use an old notebook, find your pen and begin to put your thoughts on paper. Start by reflecting on the past year. Think it through, month by month, noting all of the major events and their impact. Once you’ve reflected on your past year, take a few moments to focus on how you feel now. Write down your hopes, regrets, joys, and any emotions you feel. And then, the best part: begin to dream about your future. What wonderful things lie ahead of you? What do you want to accomplish? Write down your plans and your goals for 2011. No need to make promises to yourself. Just be honest about what you want. By setting your intention, you are much more likely to make your dreams a reality.

Not bad, ‘eh? What? You say you don’t believe in all that “writing down goals hocus pocus..?”

That’s fantastic. Are you where you want to be now in your life? Do you have the life you desire? Hmmmm? Nothing to improve?

Unless you are Oprah, I am thinking everyone’s lives has room for improvement. Pick a few things you’d like to achieve in 2011. Write.It.Down.

Don’t argue with me on this one. You won’t win.

“A ship can’t leave the harbor without knowing it’s destination.”

There’s no better time than the present. I have made time TODAY to do some brainstormin and goal makin with someone who’s opinion I value very much. I’ve taken some time off work, my boys are gone fishing and my Wee One is in daycare. If you need me, I’ll be HERE. I will have to say it was hard to carve out those hours in an already packed schedule….but by next week Jan 1, 2011 my success ship will have a destination to follow. It will be my roadmap for the New Year.

How about YOU? What is at the top of your Goal List for 2011??

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