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No Energy Vampires Allowed

This is repost of a phenomenal article from motivator Jon Gordon. If you have a chance, sign up for his newsletter at Good stuff! Jon also has an awesome “No Energy Vampires Allowed free downloadable poster here


If you’re like most people, it has happened to you. You were talking to someone and before you knew it, they drained the life right out of you. You looked for fang marks on your neck but they were nowhere to be found. Then you realized Energy Vampires don’t have fangs. They have other means to suck your energy. Here are a few:

Negative comments -“Did I tell you how much I hate my life and work? Did I tell you what so and so did to me? Did I tell you why nothing goes right?”

Dream snatching – “You can’t do that. You’ll never succeed at that. Are you living in fantasy land? You should do this instead.”

Shrinking devices – “What is wrong with you? Can you do anything right? Why did we hire you anyway?”

Team Destruction – “We’ll never make it. It’s Joe’s fault. Everyone is clueless.”

In other situations the words may be less harsh but the result ends up being the same. Once an Energy Vampire starts sucking the air out of your tires it’s difficult to move. Don’t let this happen. Realize that life is like an Energy Bus and the people you surround yourself with on your ride through life have a huge impact on how far you will go.

energy bus

Create a positive and successful ride by following these simple rules for the road that will take you to the places you want to go:

Realize that some people are going to get on your bus and some people won’t. That’s OK. The people that get on were supposed to get on. The people that don’t were probably meant to get on another bus or perhaps they would have ruined your ride. Don’t take it personal. Just keep on driving with your vision focused on the road ahead. If you waste your energy thinking about the people who didn’t get on your bus that means you’ll have less fuel to pick up the people who want to get on.

During your ride, you will have many people get on and many get off. Don’t take it personal. The people who get off may have to get on another bus. Or perhaps they will make room for someone special who is supposed to get on. As you drive just keep picking up people along the way who want to get on your bus. Eventually you’ll have a filled -standing room only- bus with great energy.

Have fun and enjoy the ride! You only have one ride through life so you might as well enjoy it. The goal in life is to live young, have fun and arrive at your final destination as late as possible with a smile on your face.

When we fuel our life, work and team with positive energy we will surely enjoy the ride of our lives….and keep the Energy Vampires off the bus or even better, convert them to positive passengers along the way.

How do YOU deal with Energy Vampires??

On the Days You Don’t Feel Like Trying-What Do You Do?


There are days I just want to throw in the towel.

To not write.

To not do Social Media.

To not be perky and happy.

Then there are days when I wonder what the heck I was/am thinking/doing. Am I doing the right things? Am I heading in the right direction? Wouldn’t it be easier to just.not.give.a.crap?

Typically these blue moment, or periods of self-doubt, happen at night. When I’m tired, overwhelmed and pissed off. At no one in particular either.

By the next morning, I’m back to bursting with confidence, energy and sureness of purpose. I’m 100% certain that I’m doing the right thing.

It’s not easy.

No one ever said success would be. But what I can offer you is some tips and thoughts for those times when your spirits are low and the Stinkin Thinkin is threatening to bring you to your knees.

1. Go to bed! Wouldn’t that be the obvious choice? It’s nighttime and my body/brain says DONE! But, I think the key is to, as Dr Dillon Remmick mentioned during Happy Healthy YOU, go to bed in the right frame of mind. Don’t lay your head on the pillow running the “Worry List” through your brain. Call it a night by first thinking of four things you are grateful for. That’s it. Hit the rack with the Gratitude Attitude. Thanks Dr Dillon.

2. This is a great quote from motivator Sandy K. Sometimes in the muck of stuck, I forget that I’ve gained some ground. Instead of thawackin myself in the head about what I didn’t do, I need to review what I have accomplished and celebrate my successes. No matter how small. I have a “Victory List” on the wall of my home office. This 11×17 sheet of paper lists all the things I done/seen, experienced/accomplished. Things that give me the warm fuzzies about ME.

3. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. The path I’ve chosen is a journey, not a destination. I’m a female. I want it all, and I want it in five minutes or less. Reality is, I’m also a farmer. Planting seeds and waiting for them to sprout and grow. And that takes time.

4. Take back control, a.k.a tell people to quit “shoulding” on me. Sometimes I feel stuck because I feel trapped. Surrounded by “shoulds” and “have tos.” Trust me, I am fully aware it would be easier to reach my goals on the well-traveled path. But everything I want to accomplish is more like hacking through the jungle. It’s exhausting. But I also wouldn’t do it any other way.

Here’s another spot-on quote from Sandy K; In this case, it helps me to remember that I have choices. I can quit if I want to. Or I can change what I’m doing or how I’m doing it or where I’m doing it or when or with whom. This is MY life. MY reality. And I create it, dammit.

5. Time moves forward. It helps me to remember the quote my Gramma always used about unpleasant things; “This too shall pass.” And it always does. I know one thing for certain: whatever crabbies or self doubts I’m feeling today? They won’t last.

6. Get a good support crew. As my bestie Shannon always says “run with the motors and leave the anchors behind!” Make your support system people who build you UP, not tear you down. It’s very hard to strive for your dreams when people around you are telling you how it can’t be done. Pick your Circle of Influence, and guard them like life depends on it.

It’s a Journey. Take a small step forward. Then repeat.

What do YOU do when worry and self-doubt is threatening to derail you?

Canning for a New Generation: Bold, Fresh Flavors for the Modern Pantry

cannin for a new generation

To some people, canning may look like an old-fashioned activity. It has gone out of fashion for quite a while, until the soaring food prices and ‘back to nature’ attitude of people changed all this. Nowadays, more and more people choose to (and enjoy) making their own jams, chutneys etc. If you have a large garden brimming with fruit and vegetables, canning is a fantastic way of having delicious jams all year round. If you don’t have enough fruit in your backyard, then buying fresh fruit from your local farmers markets is a great alternative.

Canning for a New Generation: Bold, Fresh Flavors for the Modern Pantry’ is a lovely recipe book by Liana Krissoff. The book is divided into seasons and season-appropriate recipes. The recipes cover more traditional products, such as Classic Peach Jam, Grapefruit Marmalade, Kosher Dill Pickles and Pickled Beets. However, you’ll find other more different and ‘exotic’ recipes, like the Creole-Spiced Pickled Okra, Pear, Clementine and Pecan Preserve to Quince and Plum Jelly or Middle Eastern Pickled Turnips. If you are a bit adventurous, you’ll love the more than 150 different recipes this book has to offer. The recipes also include pickled, dried and frozen food ideas. And in case you are a complete canning novice, the book covers canning techniques and information to get you started.


I would certainly recommend this absolutely mouth-watering canning book for the modern man or woman. In addition, you’ll never run out of gift ideas anymore, as I am sure everybody would love to receive a home-made preserve, made from local food. Grab your copy of this cool book here and get started on discovering the joys and benefits of canning for your family.

**I am an Amazon affiliate which means if you buy anything through my blog, I get a very small kickback at no cost
to you. I use this money to pay for postage and handling for my giveaways.

Teach your Kids the Meaning of Giving this Holiday Season

Christmas makes kids wide-eyed, with thoughts of a ton of presents under the Christmas tree. Some kids even like to count their presents under the tree. This holiday season, teach your kids the true meaning of Christmas — giving to others.the meaning of giving

Give to Others – One simple way to teach your children the value of giving is to have them donate to a local shelter. Have your children go through their toys and clothes. Make sure they give away one really nice thing that they don’t really need or play with. Place an emphasis on the fact that there are many children who have no home or parents.

Another way your children can learn about the gift of giving is to donate canned goods to a local food drive service. These services provide food to families in need. The holidays are often a difficult time for those in need. Take your children to the grocery store and have them choose a nice variety of canned foods to donate.

One more way your children can learn a lesson in giving is to buy gifts for others. Choose a needy family in your church or community. If you don’t know of anyone in need, ask around. Officials at your city’s municipal building, or local pastors will be able to make recommendations to you.

Take your children shopping and help them pick out age-appropriate toys and gifts. Let them wrap the gifts, too. Finally, drive your family to your “adopted” family’s home and let your kids hand out their gifts. You can also give a gift to a local gift drive for children in need, most of these will advertise in stores and the local community during the holidays.

Then there’s this book written my buddy Becky Mansfield from Your Modern Family . She always has amazing blog posts crammed with solid info, and lately I’ve discovered the joy and bounty of the many ebooks that she has written. One in particular really caught my eye because I know many moms doubting that they can be a STAHM & get by on ONE Income.

The Moms Guide to Saving Money was one that caught my eye. As a self-employed individual, I am always curious about creative ways to cut costs, stretch the budget and hacks and shortcuts that can save money. SO…I bought Becky’s book.
A Mom's Guide to Saving Money

“My goal, for writing this book, is to share ideas with you about how you can save money for your family, make money from home, and make it easier plus more affordable to reach your goal, whatever that may be. I will share with you tips to prepare your family for your journey to be a stay-at-home parent or to teach your family how to save money.”Becky Mansfield

I truly think e-book will be helpful to far more people then stay-at-home-moms or work-from-home-moms. This ebook is for anyone who wants to start saving now in hopes of working less in the future. It would be helpful to ANYONE who is just looking for ways to supplement their income. It’s perfect anyone who loves to make their dollars stretch as far as possible.

Within the pages of this ebook, readers will learn so many tips, ideas & secrets to help them save more money & live easier! The stress of money can be a big one if you let it; but a work-around is to learn to take control of your money NOW. Spend less & save more, live below your means (not above it) and do so the easy way!

This book was previously called You Can Be a Stay at Home Mom on One Income, but because it is filled with money-saving ideas Becky opted to changed the title to The Moms Guide to Saving Money.

click-here-to-buy-now-If you are someone looking to trim your budget in the coming months, or as a goal for 2016, I am confident Becky’s book can help!

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