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Pesticides In Produce

As I was trolling around the Blogosphere, I came across this great report from The Mama Manifesto blog:

I also know that Amy Kenow from Sunlife Wellness has shown me a list from past years as well.

The Environmental Working Group has just released its 2011 Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce. Topping the Dirty Dozen this year? The conventional apple. My kids eat apples every day! The handy guide lists the top conventional fruits and vegetables highest and lowest in pesticide residues (tested washed and peeled, as typically eaten!). Learn more and download the updated shopping guide here.

Dirty Dozen (buy these ORGANIC if possible!):

1. apples
2. celery
3. strawberries
4. peaches

5. spinach

6. nectarines (imported)

7. grapes (imported)

8. sweet bell peppers

9. potatoes

10. blueberries (domestic)

11. lettuce

12. kale/collard greens

Clean Fifteen (lowest pesticide contamination):
1. onions
2. sweet corn
3. pineapple

4. avocado

5. asparagus

6. sweet peas

7. mangoes

8. eggplant

9. cantaloupe (domestic)

10. kiwi

11. cabbage
12. watermelon
13. sweet potatoes

14. grapefruit

15. mushrooms


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Strep Bites The Big One

Howdy all.

For all of those who have noticed I’ve been a little M.I.A this week  (or not)..YES, I am still alive.

I just haven’t felt well all week.
Like dog crap, actually.
After a lllooooonnnggggg week of feeling like doo-doo, I finally went to the Doctor
“Bullheaded” IS my middle name.
Strep, baby!
The one upside to strep (in my mind anyway) is the fact that I can snarf ice cream like it’s goin outta style. All damn day long.
What else are you going to eat when your throat feels like raw hamburger?

BUT…..that also provides a new wrinkle and a new conundrum when you are lactose intolerant like me.

My throat is already on fire, I don’t need an angry bootie too.

My solution? Luna and Larry’s, of course!  Soy ice cream that is dairy free. YUM!

The thing about Luna and Larry’s, is it’s hard to find..BUT I discovered the mother-load at Mom Squader Amy’s Store. If you’ve never been to Jewel’s Specialty Food Market stop by and check it out. Located in the Brainerd Lakes Area, we are the only store in Central Minnesota dedicated exclusively to serving customers with gluten intolerance and food allergies. Jewel’s is locally owned and operated by a family with members who have Celiac disease and other food intolerances. We understand how difficult it is for people living with food restrictions to shop in a typical grocery store. At Jewel’s, each product is clearly marked so you can easily locate the foods you are able to tolerate.
good stuff. Pop by and give it a nose poke.
And while you’re there, score yourself an Edition 4 Lakes Area Mom Squad Coupon Pack. There’s not many left and Edition 5 will be coming out soon so hurry! 
Now, please excuse me. There’s some ice-um cream-um calling my name 🙂
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