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Your friend needs this shirt

It was a dark and stormy night….

OK, not really but as I type this, it IS dark! #ThankYouDayLightSavingsTime


As you all may know, I am on a bit of a fashion/shopping kick lately. Again, I always advise supporting your local brick-n-mortar stores FIRST, but there are some pretty amazing things to be had on the WWW.

Christmas shopping is also in the air since 1.4 seconds after Halloween ended, the retail store lined their shelves with Christmas bootie. To me, Christmas shopping means crowds and sweating profusely in a winter coat, but it is also one of my favorite times of year because I LUV giving gifts.

Once again the family budget is so tight it’s screaming “UNCLE”…but I’ve discovered some cool ways and equally cool sources for unique and affordable gift ideas. is a new “honey-hole” for me and all I can say is Thank God none of my family reads this blog 😉  Here are a few of the things I am eye-balling from (and NO, they don’t just sell dresses) for friends and family gifts this year:

I can think of 4 friends who really need this shirt this year

and at least that many need this one…

But THIS ONE may be just for ME

THIS is so cool. Where were fun things like this a few years ago when my kids were struggling with math??

For my daughter who is always swiping my slippers…

For my son who never remembers to throw his jeans in the wash every week this has nothing to wear on Monday…

I think I just made a dent in my Christmas shopping list! And you can too. Click any of the images and score!

***Some of these links are affiliate links. That means if you click through and buy, I will get a teeny-tiny commission at no extra cost to you.

On a Mission to Find Amazing Curvy Girl Fashions

**FYI-I will not entertain or tolerate any crappy comments about size or weight here. Leave a nasty comment, I will come at you 10X. For reelz.

Curvy Girls Club

For the longest time, I did not care.

I did not care if my 24/7 “uniform” was yoga pants and a hoodie. I truly didn’t care if I looked like a Walking Dead extra most days.

“Who’s going to see me? I work from home,” was my canned excuse (mainly to myself) for looking less like a beautiful 50-ish year-old woman and more like a bag lady. (plus I LOATHE clothing shopping. LOATHE it, I tell you!)

Then one day it dawned on me that my self-esteem was taking a hit and my kids were less-than-impressed to be seen with me in public. I think this realization came to me during the summer months when I needed to visit my 13 year-old’s school  for 8th grade-orientation. His embarrassment to be seen with me was palatable.  And when I caught a glimpse of myself in a window reflection, I can’t say I blamed him much.

That truly lit a fire under me to care more about the body I was in. I was NOT the size I wanted to be by any means, but that didn’t mean I needed to hide it under black pants and old-lady tops from the thrift store. The problem was, retail shopping was not a pleasant experience for me whatsoever. I could never find something I like and trying on clothes and seeing myself in them in a funhouse mirror was downright painful. PLUS, I could find “my kind” of fashion looks. I like flow-y, long, shark-bite hems with a rock-n-roll-meets-angel look. I know what I like, I could just never find it in brick and mortar stores in this area.

Now before you jump down my throat about buying local..YES, you should always support your local retails stores as often as you can. But, you shouldn’t have to settle either. Resources around here for beautiful plus-sized fashions is not great and find affordable options is even worse. So I set out on a mission to find fashions for me-and-only-me that fits my unique style and budget. What I discovered and experienced was enough to make me want to share it with EVERYONE. Here are some of my “honey holes” of Curvy Girl Fashions:

Fashion Ideas and Advice for Pluses

bella moxie

Bella Moxie: I LOVE Bella Moxie spunk, fire and style. Amanda is a class act and a Minnesota girl. I’ve gotten tons of ideas from her and love her “Curvy Girl Creed.” #Curvenista

Because Shopping for Clothes Should be Fun…

  • Mood is EVERYTHING: NOTHING good comes out of shopping in a bad mood. So there is a way to prevent this:  Don’t wait till the last minute to shop, being +size means our options are already limited but waiting till the last minute can cause anxiety and severe frustration. (And often a mediocre purchase)

  • Buy it in YOUR Size: I know that’s a little obvi but ladies don’t buy an item in a smaller size because you’re gonna lose weight or you think it will “stretch”…Buy it in your size, TODAY.

  • Shop Thougtfully: I love impulse shopping too, but shopping with a list is the secret to a functional wardrobe. Keep a running list of what your closet is missing or the pieces you want to add to it. When you’re out and about with your friends, you’ll always know what your closet needs which in turn saves you money and helps you build a more thoughtful wardrobe.

Read the rest HERE.

Bella Moxie

Everything Chic and Curvy


Great Sites for Great Curvy Girl Fashions


Check out this past post about my friend Michelle’s Plus-sized Fashion Consignment store, Stacked.




I love boots. I have boot envy because most boots will not fit my thick calves. When I DO find killer boots (and I’ve found a few) the next challenge is knee-high socks that don’t dig into my leg and cut off my circulation. At the recommendation of another Curvy Girl, I tried Xpandasox and I swear I heard angels sing! Xpandasox are problem solving socks that stretch 24+ inches to accommodate plus size, wide or athletic calves. Xpandasox brings together fashion and function to cover up compression socks while adding flair to your. They are also ideal for lipedema, lymphedema and other conditions that cause leg swelling. 16 inches long from heel to top band. They also come in a variety of colors. You can get them on Amazon or from the website.


Speaking of boots….these little beauties are on my Wish List!


Modlily Reviews

This is a new honey hole I just discovered and so far, I am in LOVE.
New fashion, new style2016 new arrival dress

This flowy, funky fashion is right up my alley and the prices were insanely cheap as well. I just placed my first order so the jury is still out on whether it’s quality or not. But the outfit I bought took my breath away (my B-Day present to ME).


Here’s the little beauty I bought (::drool::drool::). Click the image to grab your own or find more amaze-ball finds in there “Sale” section!


PLUS, if you are a new sign-up you get a 15% discount on your first order. If you sign-in with Facebook, you can get a 20% discount off your first order and shipping is FREE (sale items are excluded from discount). Go HERE for the scoop.

EBay Store

Not just ANY eBay Store, one in particular store has been an amazing and affordable place to find super-cool plus fashions. I have bought a TON from this store and have been happy every single time. MJOR Clothing is owned and operated by a single mom and who takes pride in the best customer service possible and I adore the clothing she offers. All are bid/auction type scenarios but shipping is low and I’ve been able to get a ton of cool clothes from under $12! Her offerings are different every week, quantities are limited and all auctions start at .99. I haunt this store because I never know what I will find 🙂


Another hot find on eBay

YES I know this comes from China. YES, I know that is not cool. But these tops are amaze-ball and totally my style. The white runs a tad smaller than the tan, but they look killer under a jacket with leggings and boots. They come via e-packet from China so they take FOREVER to get here…but they were totally worth the wait. These two are among my favorite fashion pieces in my wardrobe right now. Click HERE to grab yours. P.S…with shipping they are under $11 each. Shut.The.Front.DOOR!!!!!!!!



Do you have any favorite sites, sources or brands for Curvy Girl Fashions? If so, share below in the comments. Happy Shopping!

**FYI-I will not entertain or tolerate any crappy comments about size here. Leave a nasty comment, I will come at you 10X. For reelz.

**Some of these links are affiliate links. That means if you click and buy, I may get a very small commission at no extra cost to you.

A New Option for Plus Size Consignment Shops In Minnesota

Stacked Boutique

As a mom of an almost  3 year-old little boy named, Luca, (who she describes as “kind of the coolest kid on the planet”) Michele Starbeck discovered that, like most moms, her body shape and size changed after the birth of her son.

“Having a baby and being a mom is amazing,” Michele shared. “But I haven’t really felt great about myself since, especially when shopping. I missed the cute boutiques and variety of clothing, but it was hard to find things in my new size. About a year ago I Googled ‘plus size consignment’ and was really surprised to not find anything near me. It kind of bugged me for a few days so I called a friend who works at a vintage shop in St. Paul and picked her brain. As it turns out, there is a high demand for plus size consignment clothing, just not a lot of options on where to buy them.”

Being an ambitious person by nature, Michele shared that she did some research on the topic. She even posted her idea within a plus size Facebook Group and the response was an overwhelming “YES!” Within an hour or two there were 100+ women begging her to please create a plus-sized consignment shop in the Savage, MN area. Fueled by the information she had gathered and the support of others, Michele went into action

“I started a business plan for my consignment store dream, but was planning on implementing it at a later date. But then the location on West 124th street fell into my lap. I totally wasn’t ready, but remembered the lesson my dad had taught me. His words, “If we didn’t do anything until we were ready, we’d never do anything” inspired me to just go for it! I signed the lease and started transforming the location from a dark dated antique store to a bright airy sparkly boutique!



Stacked Boutique

I’m so blessed to have had the help and support of my boyfriend who (thank God) does construction and helped every step! My mom was a big help too and was always there to calm me down when things weren’t going right. Stacked Consignment is officially open now and I am blessed beyond measure thanks to the support of family and friends. I’m so excited to give women a place to shop and chat and feel beautiful and encouraged and worthy.”

Stacked Consignment  is located on 4740 w. 124th street Savage mn 55378. You can visit Michele’s website or connect with her on Facebook.
Hours are Tuesday 1-5
Wednesday 1-7
Saturday 10-7
We accept and sell items starting at size 14/xl on the tag including maternity
We also have handbags scarves belts shoes boots etc
We are the only plus size exclusive consignment shop in the South Metro and I think one of two in the whole metro! We cater to plus sizes because it’s crazy that 67% of the population is over a 14 and less than 30% of brands even go above a 14/16. We tried to make our store look and feel like a beautiful boutique because plus size women are tired of stores that feel like warehouses, we deserve the fancy boutique experience too! 🙂 Hope to see you soon!

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