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10 Reasons Why Books make Great Gifts

Paper over Pixels: Give a Child a Real Book for Christmas

In this digital age physical books may seem a tad outdated. Yet, traditional books are still a wonderful way to invite a child into the world of reading and imagination. There is a lot to be said for the tactile satisfaction books provide. Kids who read physical book are not only getting mental stimulation, they are exploring worlds, cultures, adventures and traditions far beyond their own front door.

Throughout the years scientists have been studying the effects of digital reading compared to traditional reading. Some of the findings have proven to be interesting; for example it seems as though paper books nurture empathy in readers of fiction to a greater degree than those who read digital books. Comprehension of the stories is better as well because digital devices offer distractions which regular books do not have.

Then there are the physical reasons for choosing paper over pixels. Bedtime stories on a Kindle can actually keep your little one more awake because of the bright glare of the light going directly in the eyes. On the other hand, paper books reflect back a softer light allowing the brain to shift into sleepy-time.

Regardless of the scientific reasons for choosing paper books for children’s gifts, there’s the other more intimate reason of creating special memories together. It’s hard to imagine that special child grown, fondly holding an old iPad to her heart remembering evenings traipsing through the woods with Pooh Bear and Piglet. But the thought of taking a well-worn book off the shelf decades after the wrapping paper and bows are tossed out and recalling the memories that volume contains in addition to the story itself, has to bring a smile to your face as well as hers in the future. And when your children become parents, are they going to hand down a hard and unemotional digital file, or a well-loved and dog-eared copy of their favorite childhood memories.

Another cool thing about books? They can be read as a solitary act, or as a family unit. One winter I read the entire Percy Jackson series to our then 10 year-old. He loved it, I loved it, and the Tv and the computer were OFF for hours on end. Good memories 🙂

As the season of giving approaches, as a parent I feel the siren song of the latest Disney XD gear or the “game of the moment” that will inevitably be on my kids’ Christmas Wish Lists. BUT, I plan to also give the gift of world travel, imagination and adventure in the form of a physical book. Maybe it will be fiction, maybe it will be non-fiction. This I know for sure; it will be a reason for some family reading time and the pleasure of a gift they can open again and again.


P.S Are you interested in receiving a FREE multicultural children’s book to review for Multicultural Children’s Book Day 2017? The MCCBD team has a new perk this year that will appeal to more than bloggers!



In years past, MCCBD has asked for BLOGGERS to sign up to receive a free book in return for a review on their blog in honor of the January 27th online event. This year, they are thrilled to expand their invitation for a FREE diversity book to review, along with the optional book extension activity to blog posts, to anyone who is active on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

In a nutshell; you don’t have to be a blogger to review multicultural children’s books for the MCCBD 2017 holiday! You just need to have a love of diversity in children’s literature and be willing to share on your social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

Just pick the social media platform that you are most comfortable on and post your review for everyone to read and enjoy there. When signing up to be one of our book reviewers simply indicate which platform(s) you plan to post your review on in the “blog URL” space on the below Google sign up form that can be found HERE.

How the Review Process Works: Information for our valued Reviewers During a Multicultural Children’s Book Day Event

Step One:Reviewers sign up via a Google Sign-up and review a multicultural children’s book for this event. If you will be posting your book review somewhere other than a blog, simply indicate which platform(s) you plan to post your review on in the “blog URL” space on the below Google sign up form.

Step Two: Reviewers are then “matched” by the MCCBD team with an author or publisher that will supply them with a free children’s book to review some time in November/December.

Step Three: Once matched, an email will go out sharing who you are matched with. Please respond in a timely fashion with the best mailing address to mail your free children’s book to. Authors and Publishers are responsible for getting reviewers their books so we want to give everyone plenty of time to receive and read their free book.

Step Four: Reviewers are then encouraged to share their thoughts on the book (a basic book review) in the form of a complete and descriptive post on their chosen platform Many Reviewers add a book extension activity that is fun and acts as a way to bring the story to life.

Step Five: Once the book review post is live (any time between January 1 and January 27th is good), Reviewers are invited to “link up” their blog post on the Linky that will be found on any of their CoHosts’ sites and also the MCCBD website. This linky will go live on January 27th..

Go HERE for Reviewer sign-up for 1/27/2017 (NOTE: They will not be shipping out any books for the 2017 online event until Dec of 2016!) Deadline for reviewer sign up is 12/31/17.

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Your friend needs this shirt

It was a dark and stormy night….

OK, not really but as I type this, it IS dark! #ThankYouDayLightSavingsTime


As you all may know, I am on a bit of a fashion/shopping kick lately. Again, I always advise supporting your local brick-n-mortar stores FIRST, but there are some pretty amazing things to be had on the WWW.

Christmas shopping is also in the air since 1.4 seconds after Halloween ended, the retail store lined their shelves with Christmas bootie. To me, Christmas shopping means crowds and sweating profusely in a winter coat, but it is also one of my favorite times of year because I LUV giving gifts.

Once again the family budget is so tight it’s screaming “UNCLE”…but I’ve discovered some cool ways and equally cool sources for unique and affordable gift ideas. is a new “honey-hole” for me and all I can say is Thank God none of my family reads this blog 😉  Here are a few of the things I am eye-balling from (and NO, they don’t just sell dresses) for friends and family gifts this year:

I can think of 4 friends who really need this shirt this year

and at least that many need this one…

But THIS ONE may be just for ME

THIS is so cool. Where were fun things like this a few years ago when my kids were struggling with math??

For my daughter who is always swiping my slippers…

For my son who never remembers to throw his jeans in the wash every week this has nothing to wear on Monday…

I think I just made a dent in my Christmas shopping list! And you can too. Click any of the images and score!

***Some of these links are affiliate links. That means if you click through and buy, I will get a teeny-tiny commission at no extra cost to you.

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