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WAIT FOR IT…wwwaaaaiiitttt for it…..!!

Wait for it. Wwaaaaiiitttt for it… only 7 more days until LAMS Edition 4 deadline (April 16th)! WOOT!!

WHICH MEANS only about 2 more weeks until a brand-spankin-new coupon pack filled with some KICKIN good coups will be in your hot little hands (around April 26th)! We don’t want to let da cat outta da bag, but there’s some really AWESOME ones in this pack. Lots a fun new people, and a bunch of the “usual suspects”. Good stuff!
You will be able to find your Edition 4 packs with any participanting Mom Squader, and at these locations:
The Office Shop
Mattie & Me
Totally Kids
Brainerd Crafts
The Westgate Mall
The Lodge at Brainerd Lakes
The Hallet Community Cntr
Boadwalk Bread and Bagel
Petro Plus-Pillager
..and more to be announced!

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FYI’s, Deadline, Shows, and T-Shirts OH MY!

Hey Friends, Followers, Fans & Mom Squaders!! I was going to wait to do this but, by golly, Mom Squad has got so much good stuff comin up and goin on, I need to start rallying the troops NOW.

1. As you know. Edition 4 Deadline is looming. April 16th to be exact. Please let me know either way if you are participating or not because…well..I’m just anal like that 🙂 P.S. Don’t forget the participation fee is $15 with and extra $5 if you want your business link on the website and blog (and extra $5 for the pair-not each).

2. THEN..This is one of two important dates. April 17th Lakes Area Mom Squad will have a booth at The Women’s Expo at the Civic Center. We would very much appreciate help manning the booth that day. I am looking forward to spending the day educating lakes area Moms about LAMS and handing out our coupon packs (Edition 3). Please contact Shannon and let her know if you can help us work an hour or two shift. The show runs 9-3 and though you can’t market your business directly that day, you can talk about how LAMS has helped your business etc. Shannon Janco’s E-mail

3. OK..Important Date #2! The Beloved Coupon Stuffing party. This is a great way to connect with your fellow Mom Squaders plus it helps us out Big Time. April 24th is the official Stuffing Party Date and it will be in our Workroom (3rd floor) of First Lutheran Church. We could use as many people as possible and even if you can only come for a few hours that would be fabby. We will have the use of the workroom from 7:30 a.m to 1:00 p.m and we need to get our packs stuffed to turn over to Discover Racks that day. It’s a fun day of smoozing, working, and eating like pigs. Please let me know if you are available.

4.’s a fun one. A friend of a friend has graciously offered to print us up some Mom Squad T-Shirts! Woot!These white , short-sleeved shirts will have the LAMS logo/name on the front-boob-pocket-area, and across the back shoulder blades as well. How cool would that be??!! If you are interested please let Shannon or myself know. They are $14 each and we’d like to order them soon. Let’s wear our Mom Squad “bling”!

5. Ok…*phew*..told ya we had a lot going on! Lastly..For our booth at the Women’s Expo we could really use some products or goodies that reflect your business to put in our Gi-Normous Basket-o-Goodies Giveaway. I would appreciate anything you can chip in to make this basket extra cool. Pretty please with pudding on top. We will have a drawing for the basket that day at the show and I would need your item(s) fairly soon. They can be dropped off at my “day gig” otherwise known as The Office Shop.

Ok…my brain is empty and even though I can’t shake the feeling I’m forgetting something, I will end it here. Please don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions! 839-8279

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Spotlight on Shaklee-Not your Gramma’s Shaklee anymore

I remember Shaklee as a child. My Mom sold it for a brief time for extra income for our family. The funny thing is the ONLY product I remember is Basic H. The green liquid she poured in the little squirty bottle was used everywhere. And worked like a charm too.

Years later, not much has changed. Basic H is still wildly popular and still works like a charm. Mom Squader Mabel Semler tells me there’s hundreds of uses for Basic H. Hundreds. Did you know she uses it to wash her lettuce? I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve seen a demonstration and it’s pretty dang disgusting the amount of dirt in a store bought head of lettuce. Once clean, the lettuce has no hint of soap and is amazingly sweeter.
Go figure.
I use it mainly for laundry and carpet cleaning. Once I accidentally killed my husband’s favorite shirt by washing it with a pink sock. And then I dryered it. Can you say “set stains for LIFE?”
It was an ugly scene.
On a wing and a prayer, I squirted Basic H on the color-runs and threw it back into the laundry. What did I have to lose, right?
When I pulled the shirt out, color run-os, el gone-o. I crap you not.

This phenomenal Shaklee product can be used as a cleaner, as a stain remover, as a bug repellent, to get bubble gum out of your child’s hair and so much more! You really get your money’s worth with this product. NO WONDER OPRAH LOVES IT! (seriously. This is listed on her website as one of her favorite products). But instead of me gushing on forever, just give Mabel a ring. She is a wonderful lady who really knows her craft. Shaklee as been her biz for almost 30 years. The lady knows Shaklee and how to “go green” with your cleaning products. She’s got a great coupon in our Mom Squad Coupon Pack and you can reach her at Or at 218-546-6523 & 218-546-5209. 

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