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Welcome to the official blog of Lakes Area Mom Squad. Mom Squad Marketing’s goal is to help shine the spotlight on mom/women owned businesses, to teach and share on subjects like social media, blogging, and the Internet, and to always be on the look-out for products, organizations, and processes to help make Moms-in-business lives EASIER.

Lakes Area Mom Squad itself a low cost marketing opportunity for Mom –owned and “Mom friendly” businesses in the Brainerd Lakes Area. We are a “mom-centric” P.R company who’s goal it to help business owners grow and get their name in front of our community via our on-line presence, blogging, special projects, events, and unique Social Media efforts. Our goal is to create a core of Moms’/Women in businesses, gain visibility, and keep our dollars local.

Together we are the Power of Mommy.

Did you know that 2.1 trillion dollars a year are spent by ….MOMS
80% of household spending decisions are made by ……….MOMS

We want to tap into some of that magic baby! Our main goal is shine the spotlight on local business and help those businesses grow, but we are always open to showcasing online resources, businesses and organizations that offer up products and services that can help our mom readers live life easier.

Not everyone has thousands, or even hundreds of dollars to spend on advertising and in this wonky economy the more creative, the better. Lakes Area Mom Squad provides a unique way to gain new customers and add visibility for your businesses.

A big part of our belief is that “we are all in this together” and like any true networking group we need to support each other. I do business with you , you do business with me, and together we are a success.

So…you may be wondering “do I have to be a Mom to participate?” Heck no! Our main requirement is that your business be mom-owned or “mom-friendly”. Guys, Girls, Grandpas, Cats, Aliens…we don’t care. Bring it on.

So How Can I Be A Part of Lakes Area Mom Squad: LAMS is not a club of or a membership site; just a venue in which to promote areas businesses or women-owned business. Here’s how you can get involved.

Sunday Spotlight: Share details and history of your business with this fun Q&A session. Download the questions and instructions HERE.

Do A Guest Post: Since my life is super-busy, I always appreciate when someone can step in and lend me a helping hand with blog posts. Check out my Guest Posting Guidelines HERE.

Product and Service Reviews: Do you have a product or service you’d like the Mom Squad to use and review? Service and Product Reviews are an excellent way to show readers “real-life” and accurate opinions, thus opening your business to a whole new audience. These days, consumers are more likely to trust the word of a friend or known source when making buying decisions. More details (scroll down to bottom of page) HERE.

Advertise your business and spread the word. Lakes Area Mom Squad blog gets 10,000+ views a month and it’s growing. Check out our affordable advertising rates HERE.

Get Listed on our Popular Page: Does your business cater to the local “kid-birthday-party” crowd? Get your business listed under our Brainerd Lakes Birthday Party Ideas Page HERE.

Have a business, service or product that can help new entrepreneurs navigate the path to success easier? We’d love to add you HERE.

Brainerd Lakes Birthday Party Ideas


Lakes Area Mom Squad Code of Ethics

1. I will provide the quality services & products at the prices that we have quoted.

2. I will be truthful and respectful of other LAMS members.

3. I will connect, network, support and do business with other LAMS members to the best of our ability.

4. LAMS members promise to take responsibility for following up on our orders, referrals, and provide the best customer care possible.

5. I will continually encourage others to keep their dollars local and support community-based businesses.

6. I will remember to love, laugh, live loud, and dance like no one’s watching.

 Peace out yo,


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