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Tell Fat to Fork Off-Exercise Options When Daylight Is Scarce

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Tell Fat to Fork Off- The Beauty of a Diet Buddy

As fall slowly shifts into winter, there are fewer and fewer daylight hours in which to accomplish your exercise routine (or anything else!). The increasing darkness and lack of sunlight can send many people into a slump. It can be challenging to come up with a workout routine when the days are dark, but there are options. Here are some exercise options when daylight is scarce.

Exercise Options When Daylight Is Scarce: Winter Sports

Winter opens up a lot of possibilities for winter sports that you can take advantage of. Here are some of them.

* Skiing – The whole family can participate in skiing, and it’s a seasonal sport that can actually help you look forward to the winter season. Downhill or cross-country, skiing is a valid exercise option in these darker months of the year.

* Ice skating – With indoor rinks, ice skating is not necessarily a fall and winter sport only. But it’s something special if you can take advantage of it at an outdoor area, or simply make it a winter tradition at an indoor rink. This is another family-friendly exercise option.

* Sledding and snowboarding – These fun activities can be done in your backyard or at a nearby park. It’s yet another family-friendly exercise option! Kids won’t even think of it as a workout or fitness routine.

*Indoor swimming:  Brainerd Water Park Options:

*Jump City Baxter (formerly 3-2-1 Bounce):  Located in the Fitquest Building, this huge indoor Bounce Park can accommodate birthday parties, family gatherings, church group, special events and parents who simply need a place to bring their kids for some fun.

Exercise Options When Daylight Is Scarce: Night Running, Walking and Biking

Exercise options when daylight is scarce
biking in the evening

Too dark for an after-dinner run or before-breakfast walk? Use your own judgment, of course, but there are some safety precautions you can take to make a dusk-time run or walk feasible. Here are some tips.

* Wear reflective clothing. Reflectors on shoes and even worn over your clothes are a good way to ensure that you’re seen by motorists. Add lights to your bike.

* Stay near your home and walk on a level area of your yard or on a public track with others if possible.

* Go in a group whenever you can.

* Carry a cell phone.

* Offer to jog or walk your neighbor’s dog, especially if it’s a large breed!

Exercise Options When Daylight Is Scarce: Gyms

It’s not just New Year’s resolutions that drive people to the gyms in the wintertime. Sometimes, it’s the fact that a gym provides a brightly-lit, warm place for people to gather and exercise that draws members. It’s certainly a viable exercise option during the darker months, with a variety of activities available, like swimming, treadmills, weights, and many others. Here are some local Gym options in the Brainerd/Baxter area:


DeWitt Martial arts

Anytime Fitness


Nisswa Yoga

TakeDown Gym

Takedown Gym in Baxter, MN

Exercise Options When Daylight Is Scarce: Basic Yardwork

Invite the neighborhood kids over to your house for a leaf-raking party. Allow lots of jumping into piles! Then offer to rake your neighbors’ yards the next weekend. You can move the party from door to door, and give everyone an opportunity for exercise (and have their yard raked!).


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