Tell Fat To Fork Off

Tell Fat to Fork Off- The Beauty of a Diet Buddy

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Tell Fat to Fork Off- The Beauty of a Diet Buddy

Not too long ago I sat in on a talk on healthy eating and lifestyle changes.  It was a good one.  I couldn’t take notes fast enough. There’s a big, fat, juicy health and wellness article amongst those notes, I just know it. I can’t wait for the opportunity to sit down and create it.

Tell Fat to Fork Off- The Beauty of a Diet Buddy

I could go on forever about healthy grains, the scary facts about milk, and eating foods “closest to their natural state”…but I won’t. Maybe I’ll torture you with that stuff later.

Through all the great info I gleaned, one of speaker’s quotes sticks in my mind…

“Preaching Doesn’t Work.”

Really? Oh, not me. I love being ragged on.

Just kidding. Preaching doesn’t work. You want to see me glaze over and fade away on you, just start yipping at me about all the things I “have to do” to achieve the healthy weight loss goals that on my radar. I know all of this, for pete’s sake so exposing me to hours worth of blah, blah, blah and regurgitated facts is only going to make me want to pump the brakes or throw in the towel.

Basically this means that nagging and ragging doesn’t work. If you have someone in your life heckling you about weight loss, chances are it will have the reverse affect on you. This may be a good time to politely inform this person it’s time to lighten up. Or in my world it would be “Check youself, Jack. You’re getting on my nerves.” How ever you chose to do it, take this opportunity to explain that you just aint’ feelin their pressure anymore. Period.

What I do know, for a fact, that the one thing does work is ACCOUNTABILITY.  I know if I have to write down what I eat and how much exercise, and actually show that to someone (Amy), I know I’ll behave. There’s something very critical about accountability in weight loss efforts. Look at groups like TOPS or Weight Watchers. Yes, they supply you with super valuable information and great tips, but you also know darn well you are going to have to step on that scale and SEE what you did or didn’t do at that weekly meeting. Pretty inspiring, ‘eh?

Tell Fat to Fork Off- The Beauty of a Diet Buddy

If you can’t afford a weightloss coach then rustle up a like-minded diet buddy to have in your corner. Someone you can call on a moments notice to talk you down from the urge to raid your kid’s Halloween buckets or go face first into that box of Tim Horton’s donuts. A friend who doesn’t hesitate to smack your hand with a butter knife (gently of course) when you reach for that second half of restaurant sandwich you swore you would Doggy Bag home.

Web MD defines a Diet Buddy as: a partner who not only shares your weight loss and workout goals, but can help you navigate a kinder, gentler path to sveltsville. Many experts now say buddying up can make the difference between failure and success with any weight loss plan.

Tell Fat to Fork Off- The Beauty of a Diet Buddy

So who makes a good diet buddy? Well, that’s pretty personal choice. I’d say pick some-one you know well and someone who will build you up with encouragement, not tear your down with criticism. The ‘experts” say it’s two people who share a common goal and they know they can count on each other to achieve that goal. The primary mode needs to be contact and support. And it must be someone who takes the journey seriously. A diet buddy isn’t much help if you are both eyeing the all-you-eat-dessert bar and in unison say, “Screw it! Let’s EAT!”

Be serious. Be committed. Work it like a project, baby.

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