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No Energy Vampires Allowed

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If you’re like most people, it has happened to you. You were talking to someone and before you knew it, they drained the life right out of you. You looked for fang marks on your neck but they were nowhere to be found. Then you realized Energy Vampires don’t have fangs. They have other means to suck your energy. Here are a few:

Negative comments -“Did I tell you how much I hate my life and work? Did I tell you what so and so did to me? Did I tell you why nothing goes right?”

Dream snatching – “You can’t do that. You’ll never succeed at that. Are you living in fantasy land? You should do this instead.”

Shrinking devices – “What is wrong with you? Can you do anything right? Why did we hire you anyway?”

Team Destruction – “We’ll never make it. It’s Joe’s fault. Everyone is clueless.”

In other situations the words may be less harsh but the result ends up being the same. Once an Energy Vampire starts sucking the air out of your tires it’s difficult to move. Don’t let this happen. Realize that life is like an Energy Bus and the people you surround yourself with on your ride through life have a huge impact on how far you will go.

energy bus

Create a positive and successful ride by following these simple rules for the road that will take you to the places you want to go:

Realize that some people are going to get on your bus and some people won’t. That’s OK. The people that get on were supposed to get on. The people that don’t were probably meant to get on another bus or perhaps they would have ruined your ride. Don’t take it personal. Just keep on driving with your vision focused on the road ahead. If you waste your energy thinking about the people who didn’t get on your bus that means you’ll have less fuel to pick up the people who want to get on.

During your ride, you will have many people get on and many get off. Don’t take it personal. The people who get off may have to get on another bus. Or perhaps they will make room for someone special who is supposed to get on. As you drive just keep picking up people along the way who want to get on your bus. Eventually you’ll have a filled -standing room only- bus with great energy.

Have fun and enjoy the ride! You only have one ride through life so you might as well enjoy it. The goal in life is to live young, have fun and arrive at your final destination as late as possible with a smile on your face.

When we fuel our life, work and team with positive energy we will surely enjoy the ride of our lives….and keep the Energy Vampires off the bus or even better, convert them to positive passengers along the way.

How do YOU deal with Energy Vampires??

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2 thoughts on “No Energy Vampires Allowed

  1. Energy Vampire, Dream Suckers, Nay Sayers… I have found that those are the people that are stuck and dont know how to get out and believe that misory is the only way and that it’s easier to be miserable than joyful. These are the people that have lost their authentic self and live by everyone elses rules.

    To those people, offer them a ride on the bus, if they laugh and say no, move on to the next bus stop and the next person that wants “something more”, understands that “giving now will come back 10 fold later”, that starting over is great and that anyone can start over, that being your authentic self is what you were intended to be not what you have been made by your environment. You can change who you are if you want to. I love driving the bus and then moving to the back of the bus while others take over and drive. IT’S SO FUN! It’s better to be who you are and what you were intended to be than what you have been told or instructed to be. So vampires, I’m armed with garlic…… BRING IT ON!

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