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Essentia Health Hosts FREE Kids Community Health Event!

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Essentia Health Hosts FREE Kids Community Health Event on Thursday, June 16

Make a date to enjoy this FREE Essentia Health Kids Event on June 16 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm, at Brainerd High School.

This unique event is designed to give children an opportunity to engage in fun activities with medical professionals. Children will participate in fun and healthy minute-to-win-it challenges to get their bodies moving and have a chance to win prizes. Adults can make connections with medical professionals while you cheer your kids on jumping rope with Dr. Jane Winter, rolling an oversized ball through an obstacle course with Dr. Emily Day, shooting pucks with Dr. Troy Couture, playing a life size game of tic-tac-toe with Dr. Minto Porter, balancing dice on a tongue depressor with Dr. Dean Smith, shooting hoops with Dr. Jeremiah Eisenschenk, and many more!


Essentia Health
FREE Kids Community Health Event!

Enter Brainerd High School gym, 702 S 5th Street, through the south side entrance.

Events include:

PUCK SHOOTING CHALLENGE with Dr. Couture (how many pucks can you get in the net in 1 minute!)

JUMP ROPE CHALLENGE with Dr. Jane Winter  (who can jump rope the most times in 1 minute!)

A BIT DICEY GAME with Dr. Smith (Build a tower of dice on a tongue depressor in 1 minute!)

DEFYING GRAVITY GAME with Karen Opp, NP (Keep 3 balloons in the air for 1 minute!)


WEEBLES WOBBLE GAME with Aaron Nelson and Ashely Palmer, Athletic Trainers (how long can you wobble but not fall down!)

OBSTCLE COURSE with Dr. Day (roll oversize ball around cones in 1 minute!)

STACK ATTACK GAME with Dr. Kempf (how many times can you tower and restack cups in 1 minute!

SHOOT HOOPS with Dr. Eisenschenk (how many baskets can you make in 1 minute!)

LOOK MOM NO HANDS GAME with Dr. Osborne (how many balls can you move without using your hands in 1 minute!)



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