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Pretend Place Nurtures Young Imaginations

**The posts I write might contain affiliate links or be written in collaboration with businesses or brands. Please see my disclosure policy for more information.** sprouted when the founders, all friends who grew up loving pretend-play in their youth, realized how important this part of childhood really is.

They knew that many parents made dress-up and pretend-play a major part of their own kids’ upbringing and they wanted to spread the joy and fun it can bring to families everywhere. With all the tech toys around, the folks at My Pretend Play believe that children (and parents!) are missing out on the experiences that they know are so valuable from childhood. Together, they decided to bring forth a company that revives pretend play at its best.

My Pretend Play’s vision is to create a great destination with fun ideas for crafting and other engaging activities to support dress-up and pretend-play. At the same time, they know not everyone has time for crafting on a regular basis, so they also provide high quality and long-lasting product themed towards children’s pretend play adventures.

They created their on-line Playroom with the intent to provide great ideas for creating your own pretend-play gear.

Some of the exceptionally cool and imagination nurturing offerings include their brand new Melissa & Doug Doctor Pretend Play Costume which includes a DIY Eye Doctor craft & activity, the hardcover book, Doctor Nice, by Valeri Gorbachev and two human x-rays.


Another popular pick is for those families who has “wee folk” who love playing fairies.  Get your little nymph running around outside or around the house with their fairy wings flapping and their pretty fairy head wreaths on it’s easy for them to imagine searching the woods for their woodland friends. With the Fairy Prentend Play kid, your kids will have endless hours of fun while looking for the wisps and sprites while avoiding the trolls, goblins, and gnomes.


Another thing that I love is that their Playroom is full of crafts and activities to help facilitate an even deeper fun experience! There are TONS of options if your family wants only one awe-inspiring costume for your wee one, or would like to take advantage of the the subscription option that keeps your little adventurer imagining something new every month!

Remember, every pretend play package comes with at LEAST one Dress-up Costume, a craft and/or activity, and an inspirational book and any order over $59 includes Free Shipping. (Subscription boxes are always free shipping).

PLUS get 30% off your first kids Dress-up Pretend Play box – Try it risk free today!

Free Shipping

**I am a My Pretend Place affiliate which means, if you click through and buy, I get a teeny tiny commission at no extra cost to you 🙂


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