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Racin Bacon! The Leader Area Pig Races are BACK!

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Welcome to Summer! Fun, frolic, quality family time, chances for adventure, the official start to several months of MOM being head of the Entertainment Committee.

This will be the Flansburg’s 4th year of creating what we call The No Bummer Summer.

The Leaders Area “LA” Pig Races have been a part of the Brainerd Lakes Area for years and they are so much fun! But I get a little frustrated as the the lack of information available about this event. It’s a shame because it is truly something that needs to go on everyone’s summer TO DO List. We were at the Pig Races in 2013 and I am anxious to go back this year.

This is what I know:

  • In the video, the MC (the guy in red shirt and cowboy hat) has more energy in his pinky-finger than I do in my whole body. His spirit and enthusiasm is a true asset to this show. When we were there, he paused to encourage all of the little kids to come down to the arena to sing and dance to Tim McGraw’s 1,2,3 Like am Bird I Sing. Absolutely adorable. I believe his name is Gary and I also heard a rumor he used to be a Principal in Pillager. He is someone I would LOVE to interview!
  • The pig races are every Friday and Saturday night. They start at 7pm-9pm, General admission is $3 and VIP is $5.
  • The LA Pig Races are hosted by The Bear’s Den in Leader Minnesota and every Friday and Saturday between May 20th and Labor Day. This event is geared towards kids without not only the famous “LA Racing Piggies” but plenty of other fun activities like hula hoop contests, jump rope, bouncy horse races and more. The humor gets a little adult later in the evening…but it’s still fun.

LA Pig Races

  • Colorful fabric collars are around the piggie’s necks and a corresponding wooden pig is randomly handed out to kids in the audience. The child who holds the same color of pig as the one that crosses the finish line first wins a little bag of goodies.

I know the LA Piggies typically come to the Crow Wing County Fair if you don’t want to make the drive to Leader.  Check out The Bear’s Den Facebook Page HERE.

LA Pig Races

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