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Working From Home: Not For The Wimpy!

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Three years ago I had my dream of working from home realized.

I am now officially a Work At Home Mom a.k.a WAHM

It is delightful, empowering, exciting…and dang, it’s HARD!

I pretty quickly learned I need to let some things go, pick my battles, and lay down some boundaries. Here’s a list of things I have learned (and improved on) in my short time as a WAHM:

-Having set “working hours” is critical. Treat it like any other job and show up on time and get right to work.  I allow myself a 1/2 lunch break just like any employer would and during that time I rarely turn on the TV. If I do settle in to watch a little tube, I always set a timer.

-Take the steps to encourage friends and family to respect those hours. Threats of bodily harm are entirely possible, and effective. Just kidding…kinda.

-Turn a blind eye to household chores from 8-5. The dishes may need washing and laundry may be piling up, but don’t lose focus by allowing home tasks to seep into work time. Dust is not mold, people.

-Early morning work time is a gift from God (if you are a morning person). It is my most productive time so I try to accomplish my more difficult tasks then.

-Get out! I try to “get out of the house” at least once a week to have coffee or lunch with the besties. Otherwise, I swear I start getting depressed!

-Start a nest egg. A little stash of cash for emergencies is a good feeling.

-All work and no play makes Becky a dull girl. I do allow myself some “fun time”  doing some reading and conversing in one of my mastermind groups or even just mindlessly scrolling through Facebook. I liken it to my (two 15 minutes breaks) and my brain enjoys the break from work.

-Never stop prospecting.  Allow some time every day to cultivate new clients and look for additional work.

-Get up and MOVE. Unless you want a bad case of “bench butt”, get up from your computer chair and move around during the day. This is great time to schedule exercise or walks in the fresh air into your busy day.

-Count your blessings! This is a Season of Life that you will live, love, and cherish.

Any WAHM’s want to add to this list?

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