Change your mind… get more out of life

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Change your mind… get more out of life….what does that mean exactly?

Studies have shown there is a connection between your mindset and positive life outcomes. But on your journey to a happy life, you need to understand just what your mindset is all about. And here’s a secret….

Smarts has nothing to do with it

Mindset isn’t about intelligence. What you need to do is figure out how you think and what your thought patterns are. What makes you tick mentally and what are the proper steps to make changes to a more positive mindset?

The types of mindsets

Do you have a fixed mindset?

People with a fixed mindset tend to go with the safer options, and worry about failing. If you have a fixed mindset, you may worry that others will think you’re not smart. This keeps you from asking for help if you need it, and you may find it hard to take constructive criticism.

Or are you a growth mindset?

Those with growth mindsets tend to seek out challenges rather than staying where it’s safe. Rather than fearing failure, those with growth mindsets seek out opportunities to develop their minds, and respond well to feedback and criticism. In this mindset, there tends to be less of a tendency to fear what others think of you, so you feel more comfortable asking for help.

How to Change It?

If you have evaluated your mindset and have found it’s not really helping you succeed (or hindering you from success), then you can take some steps to change it. One helpful tactic is to internalize positive affirmations, and to phrase your approach to challenges in the form of a question.

Studies show that asking yourself if you can do something tends to produce better results than telling yourself you can do something.

And positive affirmations change negative thoughts like, “I was never good at___” or “I am just bad at ____” and turn them into positives (“I am working on___”).
Try these today and start living a happier life.

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