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Sunday Spotlight: Brainerd Lakes Women of Today

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sunday spotlight

I have always admired the  Brainerd Lakes Area Women of Today and over the years have had many friends who would attest to the quality and effectiveness of this group. Lucky for me, buddy Becky Stock stepped forward and offered to share some details and background on this amazing organization.

Brainerd Lakes Women of Today

by Becky Stock

We have been a volunteer organization in the Brainerd area since 2003. We are made up of women of all different ages and backgrounds, with one common goal, to make our community a better place. We host our own personal fundraisers to help out other organizations in our area as well as help with other group’s events.

My favorite thing about this group is the wonderful women and friendships. When I moved to Brainerd, I didn’t know anyone. Once I joined Women of Today I met all the amazing members as well as other members in the community through volunteering. The women in this organization are some of my best friends, I can count on them through thick and thin. I’ve also had the opportunity to make some wonderful friends across the state at conventions and meetings.


Our biggest challenge is time, finding new members who have time or are willing to make time to help out at events. Everyone has families or jobs or something that holds them back from volunteering or getting more involved. Our organization is great because we only ask members to be as involved as they are able to be. We want members to volunteer, but we also know that families and careers are important too, we just want to help better ourselves and our community. Our motto is “Having Fun, Making a Difference in Our Community”, and that is truly what we do. Nothing we do seems like work, because we are always having such a good time doing it.

My favorite project is personally the annual Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction that we host in June. We auction off local men and women with prize packages to raise money for Lakes Area Habitat for Humanity. This is such a fun project and 2014 will be our 10th annual and we are looking into some fun, new ideas.


We also hold personal enrichment events, socials and membership nights where we hang out as a group and do something fun or something that teaches us something about ourselves. We’ve done the high ropes challenge at Clearwater Forest for many years, which is great for positive reinforcement and pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. We hold potlucks with personal enrichment DVD’s to help better ourselves and we do fun things as a group with our families, such as mini golf, tubing, go for supper or coffee.

Our focus for 2014 is to get current members more involved and to bring on some fresh new members with great new ideas. We are always looking for new women to spice things up and new projects that will be fun and help bring awareness to the organizations we support in this area. At one point we were down to 6 members, but currently have 28 lovely ladies that volunteer their time and we’d love to add more to that number. We just want to help make the Brainerd Lakes Area a great place to live and visit and help people here that may not have the means to do so themselves. I am truly lucky to be a part of such an amazing group of women.


Our website is currently under construction as we look for someone who is willing to update this for a free or very reasonable price. If you ever want to see what we are up to, you are more than welcome to check out our Facebook page. I encourage everyone to check out our calendar, for upcoming events, and our blog, with additional event details and other important posts.  You can follow us on Twitter and join our group on Facebook as well!  We look forward to meeting you!


Becky Stock, President

Brainerd Lakes Area Women of Today

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