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Sunday Spotlight: Jenny Holmes-ThirtyOne Senior Consultant

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sunday spotlight

Happy Sunday everyone! Time for another Sunday Spotlight! I love doing this feature, and it continues to get great views and reviews from our readers. I think people like reading about other people, especially people in their own community. Do you know of a local lady in business that could benefit from some great local promotion? Please send her our way and she just might be our next Sunday Spotlight gal!

This week it is my pleasure to introduce you to a super sweet lady and a good friend too. I am pleased to introduce and spotlight Miss Jenny Holmes and her ThirtyOne Senior Consultant business!

Tell us about your business. When did you start and how long you’ve been in business too.

I am a self-proclaimed “bag lady!”  I signed on as a consultant with ThirtyOne Gifts in August 2012 and have fallen in love more every day. I got the ThirtyOne bug when I was invited to a friend’s party and immediately became obsessed with the product line. In turn, I hosted my own in-home party. Next thing I knew, I was signing on to sell. For those unfamiliar, ThirtyOne is a line of bags, totes, purses, wallets and organizing/storage pieces that are inexpensive and easily personalizable. The company was started little over 10 years ago by a Tennessee couple out of their basement and has grown to become named in the Direct Sales Association’s Top 20 this year.



Share what attracted you to this business, and what you like most about it.

My “why” for starting has completely changed over time. What started as a greedy “how much do I get for a discount,” has become more faith-based. ThirtyOne is named for Proverbs 31 and is all about giving glory to God and helping to empower women to become the best they can be. In the last 15 months, ThirtyOne has helped me grow spiritually, mentally and financially – helping us get by during those ‘in between paychecks’ times when life gets stressful. I’m also looking forward to the opportunity to mentor and assist other women wanting to get started in the business.

 What has been your biggest business challenge with your business thus far?

I am the furthest from a “salesperson” you could ever imagine and it is waayyyy out of my comfort zone. I have always even had a hard time speaking before large groups. But the beauty of this business is that the product literally sells itself. One look at the variety of products and patterns, people fall in love with it and want to have it for themselves. I can honestly say that, while still not strong in my sales techniques, I have become more comfortable speaking at parties and presenting the opportunities this company has to offer.

What business goals to do you have for 2014?

I would like to continue promoting within the organization to, perhaps someday, become an Executive Director and focus more of my time on the company. Currently, I have six wonderful ladies on my team and I would love to continue extending the opportunity to other women throughout the country to grow this team and spread the ThirtyOne love!

Which one your products (or services) are your favorite and why?

ThirtyOne is a lot like Lays Potato Chips – you can’t have just one. But… If I had to pick one, I would say it’s the Large Utility Tote. Like so many of ThirtyOne’s products, this tote is incredibly multipurpose and versatile. My two children each have one with their names on it and that’s their camping/slumber party/boating/going to Grandma’s/doll storage/Lego storage/hide the cat bag. I also use mine when I grocery shop in lieu of using paper or plastic. So ThirtyOne is definitely a way to go green! Just keep one in the back of your car and you’ll be amazed at all the uses you’ll find for it when you’re out and about.

 Tell us about your family.

I have been married for 15 years to my husband Tim, who is a Nisswa Police Officer, and also one of my biggest supporters. We have two children – Jackson (11) and Isabelle (8). I am a complete animal freak and have two dogs – Lilli (13) a Golden Retriever; and Sid Vicious (1.5) a Yellow Lab/Paper Shredder/Doll Eater. Oh, and we have cat that is larger than many peoples’ dogs. That’s Finn and he is two and likely pushing 20 pounds. Together, our zoo (er, I mean home) is located in Nisswa.

 What advice do you want to share for moms/women in business?

Praise God. Cliché? Perhaps. But I have learned that without God, you have nothing. I strongly believe God has opened certain doors and closed others for a reason. And though I may not understand those reasons, He is faithful and continues to help me succeed.

 Name a personal quirk you wish you didn’t have (interrupting, eye rolling, etc.)

Oh geez… Well, I tend to play with my hair and twirl it a lot. Oftentimes, unconsciously. I recently got a haircut thinking that would prevent it, but no dice. I’d also have to say that I’m a cuticle picker/biter. I used to bite my nails; but now it’s just my poor cuticles that get tortured. That sounds pretty gross, huh?

What do you or your family do for fun and recreation.

We LOVE to camp. However, it’s not roughing it by any stretch of the imagination. We have a fabulous travel trailer that has nicer televisions in it than we do in our house. But it’s fun to hook up and head out with the kids. We are also kind of homebodies. I love a night where we have nothing going on and we can eat together, snuggle on the couch and watch a show and not worry about where we need to be and when.

Are you on Facebook? Twitter? Linked-In?

I am a Facebook junkie and with the enabling of my iPhone, I check it multiple times a day. However, I haven’t caught on or found the need to get on Twitter or Linked-In. I will say Pinterest has helped my ThirtyOne business, as the company now has an official page that I often will “pin” and share with my friends and followers, showing the variety of uses for various products.

 If you could do anything for a living, and money was no object, what would you do?

Something with dogs. I’m thinking a doggy day care with a bus that picks them up in the morning and brings them back at the end of the day. We’d have tons of activities and treats. In the warmer months, they could swim in the man-made lake and chase tennis balls to their heart’s content.

 If you could “bust out” and do ONE crazy thing in your lifetime (with no consequences) what would that be?

Have both arms done in really colorful (yet tasteful) tattoo sleeves. 🙂

If you had to choose one word to describe your focus for 2014, what would it be?


 Jenny Holmes


Jenny Holmes

Nisswa, MN

ThirtyOne Senior Consultant


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