Where to Look for Coupons

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Interested in saving money with coupons but not sure where to look? There are many sources and when combined, they can save you hundreds of dollars each month. To help you get started, here’s a list of great places to find coupons.


#1 Store Circular

The first place to look for coupons is in your store’s circular. Sometimes these weekly publications are mailed to you. Sometimes they can be found in your weekly newspaper. They’re often made available online. And they can always be found in the store. Get in the regular habit of tracking down your store’s weekly publication. There will be a nice list of what’s on sale, as well as a few coupons.


#2 Newspaper Supplements and Magazines

Your weekly newspaper generally includes a large supplement on Wednesdays and Sundays. There may be a supplement on Saturdays too, depending on your paper. The supplement is usually packed with coupons from a variety of retailers and manufacturers. It’s a veritable coupon bonanza! Clip away and organize your coupons either by category or expiration date so you never miss a deal.

And don’t forget about magazines. Many family and household magazines have coupons inside. They’re usually part of an advertisement. For example, you may see an ad for air freshener and a coupon for the product in the lower right hand corner. Pay attention the next time you’re flipping through Good Housekeeping – you may be missing valuable coupons.


#3 Online

There are actually a number of consistently useful online coupon sources. Two of my Favorites is Coupons.com and PocketYourDollars.com. Then check out your own store’s online coupons. Most of the major retailers have online coupons. You can clip them, which involves printing them in your home and then using them at the store. Or you can often load the coupons to your loyalty card. One swipe of your card and all applicable coupons are used. It saves sorting through all that paper.

Take note – some stores offer both print and online coupons. When you swipe your loyalty card, that coupon is automatically used. This often negates the printed coupon which may have saved you more money. The print coupons and the loyalty card coupons aren’t always the same.


#Scoring Deals With Your Smartphone

Ibotta: Ibotta’s tagline is “cash, not coupons” and their goal is provide app users with access to the best rewards, rebates, coupons, savings and discounts on brands and products.  Ibotta pays you real cash for buying your favorite products at over 40 stores like Target, Walmart, Kroger, Safeway, Whole Foods and more. Ibotta has been a Google Play Staff Pick in 2013 and also featured on Good Morning America, U.S News and World Report, Mashable, TechCrunch, CNET and more. It’s fun and easy to use and better yet, it’s free.

What money saving apps does your family use?

Finally, don’t forget to look in your mailbox. Every week you probably receive an envelope packed with coupons for local retailers. You may even receive supplements from your neighborhood grocery and big box stores. When these couponing resources are combined, it’s easy to see why saving hundreds of dollars a month is a realistic possibility.



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