Mom Deserves a Break…and I Need Your Help!

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I just looked at the calendar and realized that school will be starting in about 12 days.

It’s been a great summer, but I am READY for my beloved ruggers to go back to school. (I’m tired!)

With that in mind, I am thinking about 99.9% of lakes area moms are thinking the same thing and I want to create something special for us mommies as a “thank goodness the kids are back in school” celebration.

I came up with the idea of doing a big giveaway just for moms in conjunction with my Lakes Area Mom Squad blog. Mom Deserves a Break will be a basked filled with “pamper me” type things that any woman would enjoy for local Brainerd Lakes Area businesses.

This basket will be a giveaway via Rafflecopter (or some easy 3rd party application) on the Mom Squad blog and will run for about 10 days. I plan to do only one big giveaway, but I get get great response it would be nice to have some “runner-up” prizes as well.
When I think “pamper me” I think:

  • Pretty smells
  • Massages (“me time”)
  • Yummy Food
  • A little shopping therapy
  • A hot new “do” (hairdo)
  • Mani/pedi
  • Health and nutrition help
  • Flowers!
  • and more

I think you get my drift 🙂

This is where I need your help.

I am looking for businesses who would like to donate something to the Mom Deserves a Break Giveaway basket. It could be free product, free service, or a gift certificate towards something in your biz.

I hope to do this giveaway around 9/15 so I would need commitments and items from participating businesses before 9/13/13.

Any donating business will get a mention on the Mom Squad blog, social media, and of course in the basket itself. It will be a fun and unique event that rewards one lucky mom and generates some P.R for your business as well.

If you would like to participate (and I hope you will) please let me know ASAP. This “flash of brilliance” just came to me last minute (that’s when I seem to best the best ideas) so if you would like your business to participate shoot me an email a: with “Mom Deserves A Break” in the subject line.

Again I want this to showcase LOCAL businesses and business people. Looking forward to hearing back from everyone. Thanks!

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Becky Flansburg is freelance writer, blogger and virtual assistant living in Northern Minnesota. A dedicated mom to two beautiful kids, her veteran blog is filled with laughter and love about the joys parenthood. Becky is also committed to helping women realize their work-from-home dreams, enjoy life beyond the cubicle and find clarity in the work/life/family balance. Connect with Becky via her website, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest



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