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FREElance FREEdom: How it All Began

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This coming November marks two years that I have been a work-at-home professional.

Two years!

Where does time go?

And what an amazing two years it has been since I made the choice to leave an 8-5 gig in an industry I had been in for 30 years (yes..30). It was not a spontaneous or compulsive move either. My choice to leave the security and consistency of a full-time job working for The Man was a carefully plotted and orchestrated one.

And one that I have never regretted.

I have had victories, failures, accomplishments and many, many “teachable moments.” There’s been huge learning curves and discoveries that surprised me. One of my “surprises” (and blessings) was (and still is) my clients who were more than happy to teach me things when I admitted I didn’t know how to do something. Being a virtual assistant, blogger, and freelance is a ton of work but the support of my clients and friends has seen me through a lot. It hasn’t been all butterflies and rainbows all the time…but it’s still pretty dang awesome life choice.

And there’s very little I would change.

It was sometime last year when I encountered an amazing woman and a kindred spirit in the freelance world. Like me, Kathleen Krueger (Crafter of Words) left her corporate life to pursue the flexibility and freedom of freelance. We attended events together, traded ideas, and even share job leads.  It was Kathleen that reached out to me one day and said “Hey! Let’s take what we know about freelance and share it with others!

Kathleen Krueger

And so it began.

The result of our paired wisdom, thoughts, experience, and lessons from the freelance life is something we chose to call FREElance FREEdom Online Freelance Business Success Bootcamp Event


Emphasis on the “free” because the freedom and flexibility this lifestyle affords you. Our main goal is to pull back the curtains of our freelancing lives (hers as a freelance writer and copywriter and mine as a VA and blogger) and show attendees the do’s and don’ts, the resources and skills and tactics and strategies around what it takes to be a freelancer/self-employed/independent contractor.

We intend to share our authentic  “hey we’re are living this and going GREAT” business experience to anyone who is considering taking back control of their lives.

It IS “do-able” to work from home (on your own terms) and make a living. We intend to share just that with you 🙂

For a full itinerary of the Bootcamp topics (we are adding to it constantly) go HERE.

To register and save your spot (limited seats available!) go HERE.

Have you been so busy making a living you forgot to make a life? FREElance FREEdom Online Freelance Business Success Bootcamp Event will show you the way.

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