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Using Google Alerts to Keep Tabs on Your Biz

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What Google Alerts does: With Google Alerts, you can receive email alerts based on any search terms you choose and save yourself valuable time normally spent searching. You can keep tabs on your name, your business name, and even key phrases relating to you business like “need a virtual assistant.” There is no charge for using Google Alerts.

How to Start:  Start by visiting the Google Alerts page. If you have a Google account, go to the “Manage Your Alerts” page. If you don’t have a Google Account, stay on the Google Alerts home page. Creating a Google account is free and permits you to take advantage of many online services offered by Google

Google Alerts

The “Search terms:” box has the query you’d like Google to monitor.

To search news sources — online newspapers, for instance — choose “News” from the “Type:” drop-down. To search general web pages, choose “Web” instead. Choose “News & Web” to search both. To search Google Groups, choose “Groups.”

On the “How often:” drop-down, set how often Google should tell you about new results.

Put your email address in the “Your email:” box. This is the address where Google will send Alerts. Click the Create Alert button.

Now Google will send a confirmation message by email to be sure your address is correct. The confirmation message will have links to click to confirm or cancel the Alert. (If you can’t click the links, copy the web address into a web browser.)

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