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On The Road Again: Fun Travel Games for Children

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Traveling with children can be a number of things and sadly, for most parents fun isn’t always one of them. Get more than one kid in the car, quantify with many miles of highway,  and it equals a constant stream of questions, whining, and fighting amongst each other. However, there is a way to make your family traveling more fun.

Board Games: If you have older children, then you can go to your local department store, or search online, to find an extensive collection of board games made for traveling. You can find anything from Scrabble to Monopoly to Trouble, so go find a few of these board games to pack on the trip. It will make the trip more fun for your kids and help reduce the bickering as well. Here’s a few we’ve tried or are planning to try this summer:

Travel Connect Four

connect fourPatch Hangman Game (Patch has great stuff)


Travel Monopoly

Travel MonopolyPuzzles: Of course you can’t bring a 500 piece puzzle with you on your trip, but you can bring some other fun puzzles along. These include the popular word search books, crossword puzzle books, Sudoku books and more. You can also pick up some of those mind-boggling puzzles where you have to free one item within a twisted mess of others. A lot of these involve large pieces such as twisted metal objects, metal rings, etc. So, they may not be good for young children, but definitely great for the older ones!

Dry-Erase Board Games: All you need for this is a small dry-erase board and some dry-erase markers. You can engage your children in fun games such as Hangman and Pictionary. When not playing games, your children can take turns drawing pictures on it too. My daughter will happily sit and draw, doodle, erase, draw, doodle, erase for MILES (possibly the best ten bucks I ever spent.)

Crayola Travel Set


I Spy: This is a perfect fun road trip game and super simple to play. Here’s the jist of the games of Travel I Spy:

  •    One player begins by choosing an object (a color, for example) and says “I spy with my little eye, something red
  •     The other players look around and suggest things it might be.
  •     The person who guessed correctly gets to choose the next object and the game starts again.
  •     A fun spin on this would be to incorporate letters of the alphabet and numbers too. The object is to see who can be the first to see a letter “A” within the passing landscape (signs, mailboxes, billboards). It’s more a of challenge games for the whole family then it is a single winner.

The list of travel games above doesn’t even begin to cover all the fun games that can be played by children while traveling. You will find a lot of awesome game ideas by researching a little bit online and shopping at your local stores. You can also come up with a lot of fun games on your own as well – just use your imagination! I bet your children can also take turns creating fun games to play in the car as well.

Happy Trails!

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