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Evergreen Gifts & Fun Park Review (Park Rapids)

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Franticmommy's No Bummer Summer

As everyone knows, the Flansburg clan is having a ball with our No Bummer Summer. For those who don’t know, No Bummer Summer  is our way of finding new adventures, going new places, and trying new things as a family. I then take these experiences and blog about them here or on Franticmommy in hopes of providing valuable first-hand information that parents may find helpful.

Last weekend we made a voyage up to Park Rapids, Minnesota. I adore Park Rapids and our 10 year-old was blown away by how people park in the middle of the street! Park Rapids has a ton to do as well. Lots of cool shopping, fun attractions, and unique places to snoop. I love their Park Theatre.

Park Theatre

This is obviously an older picture I found on the Web. They really were not showing Jurassic Park when we were there!

We also enjoyed MinneSoda Fountain, and old-fashion soda-jerk fountain decorated like the 1950’s.

MinneSoda Fountain


My rugrats LOVED their ice cream sundaes.


Then it was on to Evergreen Park-the main reason we drove an hour-and-a-half! Evergreen Park is about 8 miles north of town on the way to Itasca State Park. This fun park has been in existence since the early 2000’s and has grown steadily over the years. It has a mix of simple things for little kids to do like the neat train that goes onto the woods…

Evergreen Park

and a bounce house

Evergreen Park

and then unique things for adults and bigger kids like the climbing wall and “Extreme Jumping” which Jake called the “Extreme Wedgie Maker”….

Evergreen Park

Water Bumper Boats…


and VERY fun Go Cart Track….(Jake discovered his inner “need for SPEED.”)

Evergreen Park

It was a fun time and a good day, and the staff was exceptionally polite and professional.

However I was VERY taken aback by the price. I “get” that sometimes these parks can be spendy, but I honestly stood and stared at the gal behind the cash register when she told me the price. NOT what I wanted to hear after driving so far (note to self: clarify pricing before you leave home.) The price for my two kids (wristbands) was a whopping $42.00.

Did I mention I just about crapped myself?

I could accept $42 for an unlimited day of fun, but this hefty price tag was good only for an hour-and-a-half. THAT, my friends is bordering on unreasonable. The bottom line is, get coupons or stay home. Evergreen Park was something I am glad I can say we did, and the kids had a ball. The fact we created memories for them helps the price sting somewhat, but check ahead of time with Evergreen before you make the journey.

Have you ever been to Evergreen Fun Park? What are your thoughts.

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