Attack of Technology Time Suckers

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Have you seen that hilarious commercial from Progressive about the “Rate Suckers?”

I love creative commercials 🙂

But in real life, there’s a different kind of sucker…technology time suckers.

You know what they are; the annoying, necessary (but sometimes NOT!) and distracting parts of your day that involve some sort of device, app, or program.  Some you have control over, some not-so-much. Here’s a few:

Skype or Google Talk: I honestly think that being able to instantly chat with people, in real time,  all over the world is the coolest thing since sliced bread. HOWEVER, that boink noise of a someone messaging you via these platforms is hard to ignore since ignoring them feels like you are hiding in the closet when a friend pops over for a visit .

  • Solution: Utilize the settings on Skype and Google Talk that allows you to be in “do not disturb” or “away” mode and use these when you need to set aside some un-interrupted time.

Social Media: Yes, we all love and need social media…but there are times it can be flat out distracting. It’s hard to focus when a well-meaning friend pings you for a chat or someone posts an amazing article you just have to read.

  • Solution: Keep your social media browsers closed at your peek creative time of the day and set a time limit on how much time is spent there when you do log into Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Texting: There’s something about the lure of the “boing” of  “you have a new text” that is a like a siren song for me, and I know I am not alone. Getting a text is like getting a note passed to you in class. It makes you curious as heck and you just can’t resist taking a peek.

  • Solution: The truth is the majority of the texts we get are NOT critical or important and can wait to be read. If you are eyeball deep in writing, a project, or client work, silence your Smartphone so you won’t be lured by the siren song.

Little by little, these distractions pull you from your daily focus and away from the critical tasks at hand. But the bottom line is, if you are aware of “time suckers” and are proactive about preventing them you are guaranteed to have a more productive day. Worst case scenario, unplug altogether for a few hours. I’m a pretty sure you won’t miss much 😉

How do you avoid the Attack of the Technology Time Suckers?

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  1. My current goal is to not respond to any text messages sooner than ten minutes after I receive it unless it’s an actual emergency. I want to train my family to function without me and to quit expecting immediate responses. Yeah, they don’t like this goal so much. Thanks for validating my thoughts on this.

    Happy Sharefest. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

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