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Top 9 Tips for Using Facebook for Business

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Facebook is boasting over 1 billion users as of 2013.

Basically, if it was a country, it would be the 3rd largest in the world.

Top 9 Tips for using Facebook for Business

Utilize Facebook’s Scheduling Feature for Pages: I recently had a business owner ask if it was OK to only post on Facebook “once a week.”

My answer? SURE…if you never want your updates to get seen or your page to grow. Consistency is key to keeping your Likers interested. Interested Likers are more likely to comment, Share, and Like, which in turn ensures you show in the the News Feeds. It’s a delicate dance, but a very important one. Facebook’s Scheduling feature helps makes this process seem not-so-much like a needy child. Read the quick tutorial I created on how to use the Schedule Feature HERE.

facebook consistency

Build Top-of-mind awareness: Build a reputation of being knowledgeable in your field on Facebook. If you blog, feed your blog posts into your Facebook Business Page using RSS Graffiti or Networked Blogs. Offer as much value-added information as possible because in reality, you don’t want to be sending your ideal client elsewhere to get information you yourself could be providing. Share tips, tactics, share other people’s/business’ updates, and anything that makes Likers look forward to your updates. Build trust now. The selling will come later.

Keep It Brief: Gone are the days of Facebook users leaving half of a novel as a status update. The on-line world is noisy and readers have about a 4 second attention span to get interested in what you are saying. Facebook’s character limit is a whopping 5000+ words, but the “sweet spot” is only about 80 words if you want to get and keep your Liker’s attention. And let’s be honest folks, if you feel that passionately about something to write more than 80 words as a Facebook update, it’s time to copy, paste, and go create a blog post about it.facebook keep it short

Bring It Off-line: Don’t rely solely on on-line connections in your business ventures. If you are a realtor, the reality is that you are not likely to sell a house via Facebook. Any solid relationships cultivated on Facebook should be backed up in real-world connection as well. You need to bring it off line as well whenever possible or probable and NETWORK face-to-face. Social media (in my mind) has many purposes, the main ones being to create visibility for you and your brand, and to drive traffic to the main source of your business; your website.

Make The Time (With Boundaries): Set aside a time block every day of 15-30 minutes and use that time to post, comment on other people’s Wall, share, tribe build, and connect. The people are who tell me “I don’t have time to work my Facebook Business Page” are typically the same people who bogged down reading useless emails for hours a day.  Have a strategy with your Facebook Page as well and keep things lively by engaging user’s comments. Ask questions or opinions whenever possible to encourage engagement and images are KING on Facebook these days. Use third party content, posts with links, use pictures, audio, and video to keep things fresh, consistent, and viable. Show up and be seen!

Back to the “Images Are King” Comment: Images are an absolute MUST these days on Facebook. I firmly believe that Pinterest has raised the bar, thus spoiling us all rotten in our expectation of bold, vibrant images to look at. Your Facebook updates will get far more attention (social media experts say as much as 80% more) than just plain text update with no accompanying image.

the lie

Create a Group: Groups build a Community around your business’s products and services that best represent your branded image. Your Facebook group features include a discussion board, a “wall,” which maintains posted items where you can also post links to relevant articles and items of interest, as well as upload videos and pictures. It is important to note that Groups have limited features once you get over a certain number of group members. Groups can be private, or public and must have an administrator. Groups left their own devices are destine to flounder, but if successful can be a viable source of camaraderie, business, and information.

Go Mobile:  Invite fans to join through an SMS Text Message.  Your fans will simply send a text message to 32665 (FBOOK) with the words “fan yourusername” in the message.  Your page will need a unique username before you can use this feature.  You must have 25 fans before you are able to choose a username.

Facebook Bling: Your Facebook Business Page is basically like a mini website. Take the pride and care it’s appearance like you would with your regular website. Spend a little time and money making your Facebook Cover Image great. Facebook has some stringent rules and no more than 20% of your Cover Image can be text, but it’s still possible to make an impact. Need a quality Cover Photo created? My buddy Karen Grover at Grover Design can hook you up. She’s done several for me in the past including and she does excellent work.
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