Spring Break Bucket List: What to do When The Kids are Off School

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Spring Break Bucket List


In our area Spring Break is just around the corner.

This can mean two things; you have travel plans to some exotic and warm place…or you will have bored restless rugrats underfoot for 5 days.

Even though many of us parents still have to work, these mini-holidays are always an excuse to do something fun and new as a family. Here’s a few ideas:

Have a Board Game Night: Recently we dusted off the good ol Monopoly game and it was pretty darn fun! Our kids are 7 and 10 so they get the concept of money and it helps them practice counting and making change.

Have a Movie Night: When’s the last time you raided the movie cabinet? This is a great time to snuggle up every night with a bowl of popcorn and lots of pillows for your own home-grown Movie Night. Personally, I use these evenings to see what movies the kids will watch and which ones they are “over” (can you say “garage sale?”).

Jump Into A Book: JumpIntoABook is a great blog dedicated to children’s reading and play advocacy. Founder Valarie Budayr is a master at taking classic children’s tales and creating adventures with it the whole family can enjoy.

jumpintoabook header

Her goal is to pull adventures from the story itself that helps the characters come alive. We’ve “jumped” into quite a few of her book activities and here’s a few favorites:

  • Barbapapa Books and homemade play dough HERE
  • Grandfather Tang’s Story: Storytelling with Tangrams HERE
  • Capital Mysteries by Ron Roy (AND a FREE Secret Code Guide) HERE
  • The Hobbit: There and Back Again inspired Diorama HERE

sara m12

  • (My kids are too old for this book, but the Rocket Craft is AWESOME) Curious George Gets a Medal & Rocket Craft tutorial! HERE

roscoe rocket collage



Go Bowling!

Paint Some Pottery with the Kids (Glaze and Amaze/Kevin Matthews Pottery)

Build a Fort! Thanks to one of my favorites sites Tinkerlabs your house can be turned into a wondrous Land of Adventure with just a few sheets and clips HERE



Liven Up Your Space: The winter blahs have been kicking our tails for months so what better time to give your home a little injection of “color and light.” My blogging buddy Christina from Northern Cheapskate (she’s a Minnesota blogger too!) had a great blog post on Cheap DIY Tips to take your spaces from “drab” to “FAB!”  Check it out HERE


 What do you have planned for Spring Break?

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