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Parenthood & Infertility-Our 7-Year Journey (Guest Post by Tessa Hall)

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I believe many people take pregnancy and parenthood for granted. For some “baby-makin” comes easy and if you are one of those people, I am truly happy for you.

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But there’s also many of us that experience a less-than-smooth-road when it comes to starting a family. This subject is near-and-dear to my heart having struggled ourselves for many years with a strong desire to be parents, and bodies that just wouldn’t co-operate. But I am happy to say we are now proud parents to two gorgeous rugrats (7 and 10) and parenthood (though hard fought and hard won) is “da bomb.” 🙂

Two wonderful friends of mine, Scott and Tessa Hall, recently experienced such a journey and were kind enough to share their story with me. It’s my (and their) hope that this story gives someone the inspiration and resources to keep fighting and persevering in their quest to become parents.

Tessa & Scott’s 7 Year Journey of Faith (written by Tessa Hall)

The longer you wait for something, the more you’ll appreciate it when you get it.

I just believe anything worth having is definitely worth waiting for. This ‘motto’ is something that my husband and I lived by for eight years. Eight years through a struggle of infertility.

We started with a diagnosis of both male and female factor infertility. Getting diagnosed seemed like half the battle at the time. There were many tests to complete in order to get a full, complete diagnosis for each of us. Once we knew what we were dealing with, we had to come to the tough, and expensive way to fix it.

We did everything short of shelling out thousands and thousands of dollars(which we knew through our whole journey that this might be the only way) and gave other things “a shot first.” We tried natural approaches, such as Natural Family Planning and charting. We took natural supplements. We tried acupuncture. We switched clinics numerous times, thinking “the next doctor will have the answer.” We also ‘gave up’ numerous times, wondering the whole time is a childless life might be in our cards.

In the end, we knew that investing our  time, effort, and money with reputable infertility specialists the best way to go.

We launched an online fundraising campaign. We asked friends and family to donate to our cause of starting a family. We promoted our campaign for two months, and at the end, came out with about 40% of the total funds needed. With grateful hearts to our friends and family who donated, we took the leap and made an appointment at Lakewood Health System with Kelly Thompson.


Kelly took an aggressive approach, which we had never experienced with another provider before, and we were so grateful and excited to be doing something positive. We launched into three rounds of Artificial Insemination(IUI) and with each round, we had hope and desperation. But at the end of each round, we were disappointed with a negative test result. We finally came to terms with the need to try IVF and were grateful for the option. Determined to make it work, we dove in head first.

I can say now that we were blessed with TWO miracles. No, not twins. Our first miracle is that In-Vitro Fertilization was successful the second time for us, and we are now more than half way through our first pregnancy. Our second miracle? We have the privilege of working with Lakewood Health System. I firmly believe we could not have gotten through this experience without Lakewood, Kelly Thompson, the nursing staff, and Dr. Dovre. We could not have done it without their unending caring attitudes, their knowledge, and their commitment to my husband and I to get through this all together.

Scott and Tessa: Grateful Parents-to-Be
Scott and Tessa: Grateful Parents-to-Be

There have been some pregnancy complications but we could not be in a better place to have things taken care of. We are treated as if we are the only patients being cared for, we are given ample time to ask questions during our appointments, and we are treated as friends of providers. Each and every person that we come in contact with at Lakewood is a very positive experience. We feel so blessed, thankful, and happy to call Lakewood Health our home for healthcare and absolutely cannot wait to meet out baby girl.-Tessa Hall

Side Note: Lakewood Health System has some wonderful resources to share. Here’s a few:

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  1. Congrats to Tessa and Scott. That is great news. I hope that all goes well for you, and that everyone who longs for a baby finds the right doctors to help them.

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