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Slow Your Roll: Super Fun (& Cheap!) Cardboard Roll Crafts

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 Cardboard Roll Crafts

paper tube crafts

Ever looked at an empty paper towel cardboard tube and thoughts “now, THAT is a work of art…”


Yeah, me either.

BUT I have looked at it as fodder for some fun potential crafts.

Without going into graphic detail, we seem to accumulate lots of cardboard tubes in our house (mainly paper towel and TP). I love recycling and upcycling and it was always in the back of my mind “we should do something fun with these.” Up until recently the paper towels rolls got a bit of a work-out as Der-ta-ders.

You know, put the tube to your mouth like a horn and holler “der-TA-DER!!

I digress.

THEN I came across this awesome tutorial and compilation of tube crafts at RedTedArt. “One Loo Roll-Lots of Potential.” Now THAT just makes me giggle 🙂

cardboard roll crafts

Intrigued by the possibilities of this innocent little cardboard tube and it’s Big Sis the paper towel cardboard tube…I set off to find more ideas!

I found:

FairyTale Castle at Activity Village

paper tube castle

 Just in time for St Patty’s Day, A Wee Little Leprechaun at Spoonful.

tube leprecan

Paper Flower TP Tube Wreath at Mom’s Crafts Space

cardboard tube wreath

I know it’s the wrong time of year but this Advent Calendar Tube Wreath from Spoonful tickled my fancy too. Could also be a Birthday Countdown Calendar!

paper tube advent calendar

What cool crafts have you done with a “Loo Roll??”

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