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Ideas for Extra Cash: Amazon Trade in Store

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Ideas for Extra Cash

Old Mother Hubbard
Went to her purse the Cupboard
To give the credit card bill poor Dog some dough a bone          
When she got there
Her checkbook The Cupboard was bare


I don’t know if it’s still the After-Christmas-Financial-Hangover going on, but it seems everyone is still feeling the money pinch. So between now and tax refund time (assuming you will get one) here’s some ideas to drum up some extra “jing.”

Amazon Trade-in Program

Here’s how Amazon’s Trade-In Program works:

1. Gather Up Extra DVDs, Books, Video Games, and/or Electronics

Go through your home and find any DVDs, Books, Video Games, or electronics you no longer need or use.

2. Search For the Product on the Amazon Trade-In Store

Do a search on the Amazon Trade-In Store to see how much Amazon will pay you for a Trade In. If the price seems fair, click through to verify the condition, title, and price.

3. Print Your Shipping Label

Follow the steps to print the postage-paid shipping label. You can choose to go with free UPS shipping (you’ll need to drop your package off at the nearest UPS location) or shipping via the U.S. Postal Service (you can give your package to your mail carrier or drop it off at the nearest post office).

4. Ship Your Item

Ship out the item in a timely manner. Once it has been received by Amazon, they will check it to verify that it is eligible and in the condition you promised. Items considered to be not acceptable will be returned. Return shipping is free, but you will not receive any Gift Card amount for the returned items.

5. Once Your Item is Approved, Get Your Amazon Credit!

After your item has been received and approved by, they will issue your Amazon credit. You can use this credit to purchase anything on I’d suggest hanging onto it and letting your credit build until you are ready to spend it on Christmas gifts!

Do A Bit of Freelance or Moonlighting

Get a second gig for a while. I know this depends on your current workload, but there are things you can do from home (legally and legitimately) to earn some extra monet.  On my Franticmommy blog, I did a whole series on What it Takes to be a Virtual Assistant here and here, but the big question always is “where do I find work/clients?”

SO, with that in mind here’s a couple of quick resources that has worked for me.

Elance: When I got my start as a business owner/virtual assistant, some my first clients came from Elance. YES, there’s plenty of low-paying CRAP on there too, but there’s plenty of good stuff too. Go HERE to get started and or just look around.


oDesk: Although I have not personally used ODesk, I have plenty of friends who have. ODesk  gets a cut of the pay as their commission, and both contractor and employer have the ability to leave feedback — similar to that of eBay’s feedback system. Learn more HERE.

HireMyMom: This site like my “honey hole” for great (good quality) jobs and clients. HMM does require a yearly subscriber fee, but believe me, it is TOTALLY worth it!!! Some of my best clients have come from HMM and several are still my client two years later.


I have more ideas and tips so keep checking back for more moola goodness.

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