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Kids Like What They Like: Get Creative with School Lunches

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I watched this awesome TV Segment from fellow mom and blogger Sami Cone and she had GREAT ideas for creating and packing healthy school lunches. | Nashville News, Weather

I LOVE her idea about deconstructing food and getting creative with shapes.

With school year already half over, we are starting to get the Lunch Blahs. So I decided to do some research and round up some cool things that will add a little flair to our “blah” lunches.

EasyLunchBox Systems from Kelly Lister. Kelly is quite the character, but I love her ideas and her system.

Check out her website HERE or visit her You Tube channel for some fun school lunch tutorials HERE.

Super cool Bento Boxes: LOVE these. Compact and compartmentalized, this a great way to organize food and make it fun. A Bento Box is a traditional Japanese serving vessel that has been around for YEARS, but now you can find lots of American versions and especially fun ones for kids. Basically a Bento Box contains many little, individual compartments where you can separate your food.  It keeps lunches more interesting while also helping to control portion size.

 Click HERE to order on Amazon (they have Piggies, Frogs, and Hello Kitty too!)

Shape cutters: Honestly, by the time I cut the crusts off the sandwiches, they look pretty wonky anyway. These bite-sized shapes are great finger foods for busy little bodies.

Click HERE to order Shape Cutters on

More Great Tips from Sami:

Tip #1: Instead of buying pre-packaged lunches that can be very expensive, buy larger or bulk portions of cheese, lunchmeat and crackers, then portion them out yourself each day. You’ll save up to 75% with this method.

Tip #2: Deconstruct more complicated meals. For instance my 6 year old would never eat a chopped salad, but he will eat chopped turkey, cheese cubes, edamame, cucumber strips and sunflower seeds when they’re each on their own.

Click HERE to read the rest of Sami’s tips.

Happy Lunching!

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