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Need Blog Content? Gotcha Covered

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SO…Who Else Needs Quality Content/Articles for Their Blog, Newsletter, or eZine?

The life of an internet marketer/blogger revolves around one thing: Content. 
You need articles for your blog, and it can get exhausting coming up with ideas and stories. THEN you need even MORE great content for your newsletter or ezine, and even MORE quality articles if you plan to do article marketing or guest blogging to get free advertising for your website. 
HECK YEAH….but before you throw in the towel completely, let me share a few ideas with you that may help you to NOT become a slave to your computer.
When looking for articles, you have several options. I personally recommend that you use several of these suggestions to add a variety of content to your websites.
I’ll start with a few of my favorites…
Grab some Free Reprint Articles at the Directories.
Article directories like, and are packed with quality articles that you can reprint on your site. The only requirements are that you do not edit the article in any way and that you include the author’s resource box (or bio) at the end including the link or two that the author has included to his/her website.
It’s a win-win situation. The author gets free advertising. You, the publisher, get free content. The downside is not only do you need to hunt these articles down, but they will be a duplicate of what others are re-posting as well.
Write the Articles Yourself.
You can totally choose to shoulder the load and write your web content yourself. I personally recommend that you do write much of your own content as possible, at least on the sites where you’re trying to establish yourself as an authority. You are the best you. No one can duplicate your “voice” when it comes to writing…they can get close…but there is no substitute for you. HOWEVER, there’s only so many hours in the day and only so much of you to go around, that’s where the next idea comes in.
Hire a Quality Ghostwriter or Copywriter.
I love this one. Why? Because I actively do this for several clients. A ghostwriter is a freelancer who writes for you (usually articles or reports), but you take the credit. A copywriter specializes in writing copy that sells, and you usually take the credit. There are many sites on the web where you can find writers. Start by asking around, or go to sites like (a job posting site) or even and look around. Having a ghostwriter on hand can keep your blog fresh and active and free you up to do more valuable activities like selling or creating new products.
The MacDaddy of Great Ideas-Stock up on PLR articles.
PLR articles stands for Private Label Rights articles. PLR articles are usually written by a ghostwriter and sold to several website owners. This means that you (and a limited number of other bloggers) can edit the articles and publish them without being required to link back to anyone or give anyone credit for writing them. You become the expert when using PLR articles.
I adore PLR. I view PLR as the “bones” of an article or topic, and then it’s up to me to “flesh it out,” add my personality and voice, tweak them for my market, and add fun things like photos or links. You can also use them as they are, but some are pretty dry and sparse.  Either way, you gain a lot of flexibility when working with PLR and these reports are usually super affordable.
I often look at PLR and think “Seven bucks? HECK YEAH! My time is so worth more than $7!!!”
I Love It! How do I Find a Good PLR Service?
Simple. Find a PLR site that’s been around for awhile and offers professionally-written and edited content that’s sold in limited quantities. That will ensure that you’re not getting recycled PLR, but are getting your hands on top-quality content. Nicole Dean at EasyPLR is definately a fav or mine. has been offering the best niche plr article packs on the web since 2006.
        Great reputation. Thousands of happy, repeat customers over the years.(Nicole has a great story too-she’s an inspiration)
        Great quality. The content is written by Professional Writers on staff and Edited by a Separate staff member.
        Limited Availability. You’re not sharing your articles with thousands of other people.
        Run by a Respected Internet Marketer. Nicole Dean owns and is oftentimes called the marketer with integrity, and runs her business by her gut and her ethics, not strictly by her pocketbook.
        Excellent customer support. Need any help? They’re there for you.
I’ve seen some pretty horrific PLR from other sources so proceed with caution. A good PLR source is like a good hairdresser. Once you find one that rocks it, you don’t bother to look elsewhere. I pretty much stick with Nicole at EASYPLR
Bottom line: Listen, PLR doesn’t suck, bite, and is not considered “cheating.” It’s a great work-around for busy bloggers like me. I’m a customer at and I highly recommend their content. Check it out here.

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