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Be Your Customer’s Customer

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I hope everyone had a chance to read and enjoy the Buy American Buy (insert your city HERE) blog post earlier this month.  If you haven’t read this wonderful letter that was written by a Aitkin Minnesota Chamber Member in 2011, you can view it HERE 

With whole “I help you, you help me-together we are AWESOME” line of thinking in mind, I want to take it a step further.

Need to buy a gift? Think about your customer network and be creative. Think “I will do business with those who do business with ME.”

You could purchase a product, schedule a service, or even get a gift card from the same customers who have been good to you this past year. This is a great way to show support for your customers and build better personal connections. 

Plus, it’s the right thing to do, ya know?

When we focus on our customers, the relationship develops. What a great way to show loyalty and appreciation for your clients! I know how much I appreciate it when a business I buy from turns around and does business with me in return. It’s a good feeling.

Take a hard look at your customer/client base today. Are there holiday gifts you can but from them? REMEMBER; 

I help You,You help Me, and Together we are Awesome.”-Mom Squad blog (click to Tweet)

Does anyone want to start a Gift Ideas Listing on this blog? I would love to create a page for the Holiday Season that acts like a one-stop-shop of gift ideas. If you are interested (it’s free-but make it easy for me 🙂 email me at with your thoughts. Hope to hear from you soon!

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