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Why Should I Blog for Business? (The Speed Readers Version)

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Why Blog?

 The Meat-of-The-Potato:
A blog provides two-way communications with your audience. It allows you to share information, video, and images about your product or brand and builds a rapport with customers through comments and conversation. Meanwhile, you are able to publish fresh content and enjoy more visits from search engines.Manta
How can I get started blogging? I need Resources!

Blog With Amy: Amy is a treasure trove of blogging information.


Blog Squad (love the name. Don’t you? 😉 Denise Wakeman is definitely one of my “gurus” I turn to for advice and training. Check out her 5 Critical Tactics for Business Blog Success:


I Already Have a Blog-Now What?
Drive Quality Traffic to Your Blog!

Problogger’s 31 Days to a Better Blog was one of the first blogging how-to books I ever read. And it’s a book I STILL refer back to.
Nikki Hughes is someone new I just started following, but she doesn have great info
Nikki has great info about organizing your blog business, how to make tax time easier, and general bookkeeping info and advice. Good stuff to know if you want to monetize your blog. Click here to view more details

Good Articles:
Laura Lee Walker: How to Effectively Promote Your Blog Posts 

Audrey Press: 9 Must Read Blogging & Social Media Posts for Writers (Part 2) 

Audrey Press: 9 Must Read Blogging & Social Media Posts for Writers (Part 1) 

The Blog Maven: What to do When Another Blogger Steals your Photos.

**note: a few of these links and recommendations are affiliate links. Meaning: if you click these links and make a purchase, I get a tiny kickback. Not enough to buy a pony, but at least enough to ask for the fancy creamer in my coffee. 🙂

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