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Wednesday WAHM Tip: The 20 Minute Tidy

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Your Mom just called. She’s on her way with Aunt FiggyPuddin and they will over in 20 minutes for a “quick” visit. 
As you tuck your cell phone back into your pocket, your gut hits the floor. WHY? Because you know your house is a PIT!

Panic? H*LL YEAH

BUT, panic doesn’t clean up the joint so it’s time to buckle down for a 20 minute Power Clean. Sounds good in theory, right? But the big question is where to start to get the optimum “wolves DO NOT live here” look in not a lot of time.
Power Clean Checklist
1.Decrapify the Floor. Grab a laundry basket, load up the toys, stray socks, and books. Sorting can be done later. It always makes such a difference to actually “see” the carpet. If you have hardwood floors or laminate, give it a quick “once-over” with a broom or Swiffer.
2. Create No-Look-Zones: Any rooms that are not going to
be used or observed by your guest-SHUT THE DOOR. No one wants or needs to see your 9 year-old gnarly cavern of bedroom, or you 127-half-started-projects craft room.
3. Suck It Up, Buttercup: If your vacuum is easy to use, run it quickly. If it is a pain to find it and deal with the cord, use a manual carpet sweeper.
4. Kitchen Help: This is usually Ground Zero for all sorts of messes. De-clutter counters by putting jelly jars, loaves of bread, and butter dishes in a cupboard. Dishes in the sink? Pour some soapy water and leave them-people soak their dishes all the time. If you have a dishwasher, USE IT NOW. 
5.Bathroom Nasties: My bathroom needs to be boiled or quarantined, but I can still make it look tidy. Removed toothpaste smears from surfaces (even mirrors) and wipe everything down with a Clorox wipe. Hang clean towels, fill the soap dish, pull the shower curtail, and sweep the floor. DONE.
6. Holy Mudballs! There pulling into the driveway already! Give a final straighten but removing shoes (or using  shoe rack), hanging coats, and stashing backpacks.  Fluff the pillows on the coach and your good-to-go. 🙂
The point to remember is that you only need to give the “illusion” of clean. No one is going to open your closets or drawers. No one is going to peak behind closed doors. At least, they better not. That to me would be an invitation to 
never get invited over again get put to work cleaning!
What did I miss? What sort of 20 Minutes Tidy ideas do you have?

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