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Book-alanche! What to do With an Overload of Kids Books

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I am pretty sure my kids have over 300 books.

WHICH, is awesome. I think kids should read and enjoy books. I know I did as a child.

But I am now at the point that a good chunk of the books we have are ones my kids have outgrown. 

On occasion the 6 year-old will still read Max & Ruby or Barney, but for the most part, both kids have moved on to greener pastures and more exciting reads.

So here I sit, looking at not ONE but TWO big honking Rubbermaid totes full of previously-loved kids books. I have Bernstein Bears, Little Critter, Barney, and Dolly Pardon Imagination Libary books

SO, what to do, what to do? If you find yourself in a similar situation here’s some creative ideas of how to “pass ’em down the line.”

Book-or-Treat! Put a “BOOk-ish” Twist on Halloween: I LOVE this idea from yummy blog Jump Into A Book!

Book-or-Treat! puts a fun spin on Halloween Trick-or-Treating. 

Book-or-Treat in Three Easy Steps:

  • Book-or-Treat is a time to clean out your bookshelves.
  • Place all the children’s books you don’t want into a box or basket.
  • When Halloween night arrives, let the trick-or-treaters pick out a book and some candy.

Read the back story and details HERE.

DONATE: A few years back I volunteered at our local soup kitchen a couple of times. Both times I took in a armful of kids books, placed them on a table in the back of the room, and encouraged any resident who came in with kiddos to help themselves. There were a lot of happy kids and grateful parents that day 🙂

Save Them For a Garage Sale: Kids books are always good sellers at garage sale if you don’t mind storing them until Spring. In the past I have separated them out into bins and labeled them 3 for a quarter, 5 for a buck, etc. It works well and they always sell FAST. Not a huge money maker but you will net enough to buy new and more age-appropriate books for your brood.

How do you deal with out-grown or excess books?

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