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Fill Your Tank: Easy Relaxation Tips for Mom

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It seems like there is no rest of the weary…..and the weary person is usually MOM.  

Moms take care of the majority of the “inner-workings” of their home, but who takes care of her?  If you are a busy mom, learn to value yourself as a person and schedule personal time.

Mom mom used to say (when I was a kid) that not eating breakfast was like running a car with no gas. I think that same principal can apply with self-care as an adult.  If you don’t “fill your tank,” your “gas” eventually the gas runs out things simply shut down. The same goes for you.  Emotional issues can develop when you don’t take the time to take care of your emotional well-being, not to mention the physical results of emotional neglect.

SO…MOM, it’s time to “fill your tank” so that you can give to your family as well as yourself in equal measure. 

Don’t be ashamed to sit for fifteen minutes doing nothing.  Trust me, it’s allowed and the world will not come to an end.  We are rapidly approaching Fall here here in MN, and I highly recommend some “Fall color watching” and even relaxing in a hammock under a tree.

 Reading a book for 30 minutes can also seem like heaven to many moms as well, and it just so happens I have the perfect book. Suz Lipman is a huge advocate of “slow family time.” Time to slow down, unlpug, and enjoy life as a family. Her book Fed Up With Frenzy is for every parent/woman who has simply had it with all the rushing, stress, and frenzy.

Here’s a few more tips to help you fit in much needed “mom” time:

1. Get up early if you have to.  When you have kids, the day begins at a hurried pace.  Once you hit the ground running, there is no stopping you.  Waking 30 minutes to an hour ahead of time means quiet solitude to drink your coffee, read a book, meditate or listen to music.  I get up at 5:00 a.m and it is one of my best times for day to writing, creating, and having “me time.”

2. Turn ordinary experiences into major events.  When you take a bath, add candles, bubble bath, quiet music and/or an inflatable bath pillow.  Your regular bath has now become a spa level experience.  If you watch a movie, turn out the lights, pop a bag of microwave popcorn and curl up on the couch.

3. Ask your significant other for help.  Kids love their mothers but time spent with dad is important too.  Let them bond with dad while you go shopping for a new outfit or root around in the garden.  Since the time is yours, do whatever you like.

4. Use the Boy Scout motto.  Always be prepared and you can spend more time in a relaxed mode.  Fix lunches the night before.  Iron clothes for the next day and place backpacks by the front door so kids can grab them on their way out.  The fewer things you have to do throughout the day, the calmer you will be with your family and not experience burnout.

5. Take exercise breaks.  When you get a few minutes the last thing you want to do is exercise but getting a little physical activity in your day has far-reaching implications.  Exercise helps you to think clearly and stretches the muscles.  Also, stress will drain away as powerful endorphins are released into your system.  Do jumping jacks during a television commercial or jog to the bus stop to pick up the kids.

6. Laugh at regular intervals.  Keep a funny calendar cube on your desk or subscribe to a daily joke site.  Laughing releases stress and can lift your spirits significantly.  It also keeps the abs tight. Two of my favorite sources for giggles is Ann from Ann’s Rants,

and The Flying Chalupa

Moms, take care of you.  Your family would miss you if you were not around to love and care for them.  You owe it to yourself and you deserve a break from the daily hustle and bustle. Now go chill for 15 minutes 🙂


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