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Back To School- Countdown Checklist for Busy Families

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By the time you read this, Back-to-School will be a mere six days away for us.

I am sad….

But I also RELIEVED. Getting back to normal routines will be much appreciated by this work-at-home mom.

Today it hit me…are we ready? Do I have all the supplies they need? Gym Shoes? Lunch bag?

A few weeks ago I had located this handy-dandy Back To School Checklist from Smead Organomics and I have to admit, it was nice to have. In one glance, it dawned on me there was a couple things we needed to do before 9/4/12 to ensure no “oh SH*T!” moments the first day of school. 

Here’s the One Week Countdown Checklist:

Review transportation plans with your kids. Are they riding the bus? Do they walk to school? Give everything a “dry run” mainly to make note of the “leave home” time.

Pack up the good ol backpack with gym shoes and all the First Day of School supplies.

Start sending the kids to bed early NOW. Might as well start conditioning them to their new, and early, school day routine.

Plan out school lunches and review first week menu. Plot which days are “hot lunch” and which days are “cold lunch” days and plan accordingly.

Review after school plans, routines, and who’s going where.

Before The First Day of School:

Choose the outfits for the first day and lay them out.
Double check backpacks.
Locate shoes (a BIG issue in my house)
Put the kiddos to bed early to ensure a good nights rest.

The Morning of The Big Day.

Get everyone up just a bit earlier than normal-first days are always tough to get into new routines. PLUS, you want a few extra minutes for those “First Day of School Photo Opps.”

Prepare a good breakfast to get good fuel into little tanks.

Be enthusiastic, supportive, and positive about school starting. If you need to “lose it” or bawl your tail off..that’s cool. Just wait until they are on the bus and on their way. Save the drama for your mama…wait a minute…..

As The Bus Disappears from Sight:

Bawl, wail, wring your hands, and lament your baby is “growing up.”
Dance wildly and happily in the middle of the street.

Head home, roll on the floor gleefully and shout “PEACE AT LAST!”

Once it’s all out of your system, anxiously watch the clock all day, excited for the safe return of your beloved cherubs.

**NOTE: This final piece was not the creation of Smead Organomics. It was supplied to us a by a anonymous *cough*cough* source who is “in the know.”

See anything on the list that YOU forgot?

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