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Honor Thy Mama Gut- It Never Lies

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I came across this post this post in draft wwwayyyyy back in my archives. The “4 year-old” I speak of is now 6.5 going on 16. But the message is powerful and timeless.

Always honor your “Mama Gut.”  ENJOY.

Bloggy buddy Heather @ThetaMom had a great post  You Can’t Put a Price on Mother’s Intuition

Here’s a quote:

” As a mother, I believe we are born with an extra sense. It’s the feeling you get when something just isn’t right. It’s when you know there may be danger ahead or your inner core screams that there has to be something more for which I feel compelled to share this with you….”

I highly recommend reading this post…YES…it’s that GOOD.

I read it and shudder because I had a similar experience recently. I listened to my “Mama gut” and quite possibly avoided a huge disaster. I say “possibly” because I need to do that to keep my mind from dwelling on “what could have happened”.

The short story is I dropped our 4 y.o off at daycare one Monday a.m. The second I walked in, I smelled gas..BAD. My daycare lady insisted she smelled nothing and argued to the point I started second guessing myself. 

My Mama Gut screamed “leave now.” So I did. 

I also ordered my daycare lady to leave immediately, turn away the rest of the daycare kids (no other kids were due to arrive for 2 hours) and call the gas company ASAP. 

She did. 

There indeed was a gas leak. A big one. To the point the gas company said “we are surprised you didn’t pass out or blow yourself up.”

She been “in” the gas smell all weekend and was immune to it. Needless to say, daycare was canceled for the rest of the day and she spent the day airing out her house. I don’t even want to think what “might have been”…..

Ending note from Becky: I re-read this post and I still get goosebumps to this day. I am also proud I stuck to my guns. Listen to your intuition Mommies. It will rarely steer you wrong. 

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