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6 Quickie Tips For Bloggers and Wannabes

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It’s no secret I love blogging. It’s my voice, on my own terms, on my own real estate.

I could ooshey gooshey for hours on the wonders of the blogs, bloggers, and the Blogasphere…but I won’t. Instead I am going to throw some “quickie tips” at ya. Here’s my Top 6 Tips for those folks who continually come up to me and say, “I want to blog…BUT….”

#1: Just do it. You can talk about projects, hopes, aspirations for a year and guess what? A year later you will be a year older and nothing will have changed or started. Do like Nike: Just Do It.

 #2: Don’t give up. The average lifespan of a blog is 3 months. Bloggers get frustrated, get busy or lose interest and their blogs peter away. Don’t be one of those people. Keep trying. Keep writing. Keep evolving.

#3: Don’t be everything to everyone. Decide what the purpose of your blog will be before you even begin. Are you all about crafts and DIY? Are you creating a platform because you want to be an author someday? Do you want a place to tell corny parenthood stories and make people laugh?  A ship can’t leave the harbor if it doesn’t know it’s destination.

#4: Grow and Change: It’s OK to change your focus as your readership grows and evolves. Honestly? I am still trying to figure out what Mom Squad Marketing wants to be when it grows up. In the mean time, I keep creating and posting.

#5: Read other blogs. Groove on their ideas and create your own angle. Then give them credit. Hope someone does the same to you one day.

#6: Plan Ahead: Life gets in the way sometimes and there’s no greater feeling than writing your posts in advance. Then when you know you’re day is nuts with work and kids, you still have fresh info scheduled to post on your blog. I try to schedule my posts two weeks in advance. That way I have some wiggle room if “life happens.”

How about you? Are you thinking of starting a blog? What’s your biggest fear? What are you most excited about. I want to hear from YOU. Drop me a comment here, or visit my bright, shiny, uber-hip Mom Squad Facebook page.

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