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The Quest for a "No Bummer Summer"

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I am on quest. A quest, for a No Bummer Summer.

WTH? you may be asking. Well, here’s the deal. For the first time ever, I find myself working from home, creating my brilliance (kinda), and working with my rockin clients (for SURE)… with two human products in tow.

And I am LOVIN it. 

When school ended we decided, since hubs and I are both self-employed, that we would keep our 6 and 9 year old home with us and just coordinate our schedules. Daycare has always been a huge part of our past routine, but I couldn’t ignore the fact that this was a chance to:
1. Save money
2. Bond with the fam
3. Save money

I admit, I was skeptical. When I write and work on projects I really prefer peace and quiet. Nothing worse than bored, bickering kids 6 inches from the side of my head while I am under a deadline and trying to write something meaningful and readable.

Our solution was to create the No Bummer Summer List. 

This list contains fun (budget friendly) things to do with suggestions made by the whole family. Some are silly (water park visit), some are super simple (playdates) and some are more meaningful (possible trip to the Iron Range area). And in true “mom fashion” I’ve incorporated some learning-disguised-as-fun things in there too. I will also be introducing my beloved 9 year old to blogging so watch for that!

The bottom line is, watch in the coming months for recap and reports of our projects and adventures. I know this is deviating from my usual business -orientated articles, but ya know, I know I am not the only mom home with kids this summer. I am hoping I can offer up suggestions and create a roadmap for other families and I really hope to hear suggestions from my readers as well.

As friend and client Cindy Storms says, “We need to find that balance of allowing ourselves to ‘go with the flow’ for while instead of fighting to keep up with some insane pace.” 

In a nutshell YES, I need to earn a living and pay the bills. But for the first time I feel like I will be enjoying summer.

I am so excited for the possibilities.

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