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No Bummer Summer: Picky The Frog

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We have a pet. He is a delightful, furry, cuddly, moderately annoying little brown Cocker Spaniel (or as the 6 year-old says “Crocker Spaniel”) named Freddy. We love Freddy, but there was a time, for a few days, where Freddy took a backseat to a new Object Of Affection in our household.

And that was Picky The Frog.

I found Picky clinging for dear life to my front door window one evening and I gently popped him off and took him inside to show the fam.

Instantly I was met with a barrage of “can-we-keep-him-can-we-keep-him???” After repeated discussions about how he would be happier as a wild frog we finally compromised and agreed we would “observe” him for two days, and then let him go reside with the toads and other frogs in our garden.

First, we found him a home. This abandoned Bug Box seemed to be just the ticket.

Then it was research time. I armed Jake with a notebook and a link to Animal Planet and had him to do some Frog Identifying Research.

After a bit of reading we determined Picky was a Green Tree Frog and using his notebook, Jake recorded what a Green Tree Frog’s habits were (nocturnal) and what he would like to eat (worms, bugs).

In true reporter form 😉 he recorded his “sources” (Animal Planet and and then headed outside to do “hunting” on Picky’s behalf. 

Long story short, Picky was the delight of the house for two days. The kids watched him, cared for him according to the directions of “what a Green Tree Frog likes,” admired his little suction cup feet, and even added a “friend” to the tank, a toad named Blob. In the end, Picky wasn’t feelin the worms he was being fed and refused to eat (thus the name “Picky”) and was transferred to lush, green, bug-filled world of the Flansburg Family Garden.

We know we did the right thing by returning Picky to his natural habitat and I am feeling a little smug I snuck some learning into the project. I am sure a new Object Of Desire will find its way into the house soon, and I am just praying it doesn’t slither **shudder**.

If you have little Nature Lovers in your home, here’s some awesome books recommended by friend and client Jump Into A Book. I am sure any of these titles can be found at Book World here in Baxter.

 If you’re looking for some cool on-line resources for kids, check out some of these:

Discover The Forest:

The Lorax Project at Seussville

DNR Animals of Minnesota:
Brain Pop: Science Information for Kids: 

What kind of critters do you like to observe?

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