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The Invasion: Mosquitoes and Summer

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It doesn’t take rocket science (and living for more than a year in Minnesota) to know that mosquitoes and summer go hand-in-hand (unfortunately)

And if you’ve ventured outside lately or been to any sort of outdoor function recently, it doesn’t take more than a few moments for someone to utter the phrase, “Where did all these FREAKIN MOSQUITOES come from!!!!?”

I know I shouldn’t be shocked, but I swear the mosquito population has come outta nowhere this summer and descended on my backyard (and other places) with a vengeance. I am seriously in fear of these dang things carrying off one of my beloved offspring.

But instead of bore you with the details of where mosquitoes originate from and why they are the way they are…I’d rather give you some options so you can get back to enjoying your No Bummer Summer:

1. Call a Pro: In the Brainerd Lakes and surrounding areas we are lucky enough to have The Mosquito Squad. Clayton “Buzz” Hozlnagel leads the charge and offers a barrier spray that kills mosquitoes and ticks. Their consultation is completely free. You can contact “Buzz” via The Mosquito Squad website, email: email: or give him a call at (218) 829 – 9342 . Buzz can be messaged on Facebook as well.

2.Go All Natural: Not everyone wants to use chemicals or hire someone to get these pesky vampires under control so here’s a few “DYI” methods:

  • *Place yellow light bulbs in patio lamps for use during evenings and at night during summertime. Orangey-yellow lights do not attract mosquitoes and other flying insects as readily as white bulbs.arn more: -Natural News
  • *Keep the grass cut as short as possible and clear away any kinds of containers that might hold collected water (tubs, barrels, lids, etc.) in which mosquitoes love to breed.-Reader contribution at Dollar Stretcher
  • *For mosquito control, nothing beats purple martins and mud martins. Put up some purple martin houses. We got our 12 family birdhouse and the pole at Wal-Mart. These birds eat their weight in mosquitoes every day.-Reader contribution at Dollar Stretcher
  • *Another thing you may need to do is find out where those mosquitoes come from and make that area less attractive for breeding. The little devils lay their eggs either in standing bodies of water or on damp soil that is regularly flooded. Water is vital to mosquito maturation. If you live near a lake or wetlands, you may just have to deal with being bitten. If you have a lot of standing puddles or drainage ditches nearby, consider filling them in. Check your property well for any standing water and get rid of

I’ve also heard you can invite some of these to dinner….


Do you have any tips for getting rid of mosquitos?

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