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Dear Facebook. Thanks for Continuing to Make Things HARDER

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Dear Facebook. Thanks for Continuing to Make Things HARDER,

By harder I don’t mean harder as a basic Facebook user, I mean “harder” as a business trying to get my posts, updates, and information SEEN.

Once again the business/blogging world is all in a dither because of the new Facebook changes..AGAIN. There’s some great changes (Deals, Enhanced Admin, and Promote options) but I am not the only one noticing Fan/Liker engagement sliding.

One of my favorite sources for All Things Blogging is SITS. The SITS Girls had a great post today on how YOU the average FB user can help out the Pages you enjoy reading updates from (hopefully that includes Lakes Area Mom Squad). Here’s an excerpt:

How Not To Fear Facebook Change

Keeping up with the latest on Facebook may seem overwhelming, but we are here to help you figure it all out every step of the way.

See the Fan Page Updates You Want In Your Facebook Feed

If a person likes 100 pages and every single post showed in their feed, they would be in for hours of scrolling. So, Facebook created a default setting to filter some posts.
When you like a page, you have to make sure you have selected “show in news feed.” All it takes is a click!

Simply click on like (sometimes you can just mouse over it), scroll down and select show in news feed. Posts from that particular page will now be visible in your news feed. 

Go ahead, give it a try with Lakes Area Mom Squad

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