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Be My Guest-Guest Bloggers Needed

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Howdy my peeps!

With my schedule getting busier and busier, I’ve decided it’s time to call in the cavalry. I know SO MANY talented people in the Brainerd Lakes Area, I want to put the call out there for anyone who would be interested in submitting a guest blog post to Mom Squad Marketing.

 About Us: This blog has a local flavor, and we are very much about shining the spotlight on LOCAL businesses, services, and products. BUT, I also love new ideas and resources that could help my readers lives easier.

Interested? FABBY

Guest blogging on other blogs is a great way :

  • 1. Get some experience
  • 2. Gain some exposure to a whole new readership
  • 3. Have fun
  • 4. Share an opinion, service, or area of expertise

What? Did you say “you don’t blog?” LISTEN, if you can write an email, you can write a blog post. Com’on now. Don’t be a chicken-crap. I don’t bite (most if the time.)


Your guest blog post need to be 200-400 and have relevant and useful content.
Bad spelling makes me crabby. Unless it’s done by me. Then it’s perfectly acceptable 😉
Please don’t make it all-about-you. People like value and stuff written in fun, conversational way.

What’s in it for YOU?
I’d love to give you a bio, photo, contact info, and links back to your personal website or blog. Again this is great way to gain exposure and drive some traffic back to YOU.

Final thought: I am no ball-breaker, and as you can tell, I have my own distinctive style. However, as the owner of this real estate, I do reserve the right to pass on any submission I feel doesn’t fit the “voice” of Mom Squad Marketing.

STUCK? Need Some Ideas? Here’s some topics that I think would be cool to see a blog post on:

  • A local non-profit that you feel deserves some spotlight.
  • Tips hints on being a STAHM, WAHM, or woman in business
  • Great family fun tips or resources.
  • Something you feel strongly about (foster care, getting organized, Lyme disease, mountain biking, etc)
  • An experience you had that you think other people would benefit from learning about. (breast cancer survivor, traveling across country in an RV, etc)
  • A review of a local restaurant, attraction, business, or event. (I love reviews!! *hint*hint)

Are the creative juices flowing? AWESOME. Shoot me an email at and let me know your thoughts, questions, and ideas. I look forward to hearing from you!

Writer, blogger, social media fiend, and proud mama, Becky Flansburg writes for a variety of places including Her Voice Magazine, Franticmommy, and BizEase Support Solutions. When not creating typos and brain lint here, she can be found spending waayyy too much time on Facebook. Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.

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About Becky Flansburg

Becky Flansburg is freelance writer, blogger and virtual assistant living in Northern Minnesota. A dedicated mom to two beautiful kids, her veteran blog is filled with laughter and love about the joys parenthood. Becky is also committed to helping women realize their work-from-home dreams, enjoy life beyond the cubicle and find clarity in the work/life/family balance. Connect with Becky via her website, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest



3 thoughts on “Be My Guest-Guest Bloggers Needed

  1. Hi Dana,
    I am always happy to guest blog but I’m not sure that I meet what your readers would want.
    I write about fashion, travel and food…if you want, check out my blog and let me know if I can help you.


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